The arrival of breakdancing at the 2024 Olympic Games has raised the hopes of many dancers. Among them, New Yorker Fabiano Lopes, better known on Instagram as B-Boy Neguin.

A great traveler, Neguin celebrates France, where he has visited many times

It takes us years of sweating blood and water to create the slightest movement.

Fabiano Lopes


Now 33, the artist of Brazilian origin hopes to participate in the Games in 2024, as a dancer or as a coach. He discovered the station wagon 30 years ago when he first saw B-boys doing the dome (turning on their backs with V-legs above their heads) on television. Introduced to the New York style, Fabiano Lopes tried to bring a little Brazil into his dance.

This discipline is at the same time spiritual, physical and mental. You don’t turn on your head just to turn on your head. We create a form of sacred geometry. Turning becomes a force generated by your whole body, and it feels good.

Fabiano Lopes


The Olympic committee has added breakdance battles to the program for the 2024 games in Paris, in hopes of attracting a younger audience. The discipline will be called “Breaking“, the name given to it by the hip-hop pioneers in the United States in the 1970s.

For many breakdancers, the path to recognition is through social media. Being part of the Olympic Games today constitutes recognition of the discipline in the eyes of the whole world.

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