The administration of US President Joe Biden (after accusing refiners of making fat profits at the expense of motorists) took a more conciliatory tone after a meeting Thursday with the energy sector where he called for increased production to reduce the price of fuels. fuels.

The rise in rates at gas stations is eroding the popularity of the president, who for weeks has been active in trying to find solutions to lower the cost of a gallon of gasoline.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm “clearly indicated that the government believes it is imperative that companies increase production,” according to a summary of the meeting released by her office.

At the meeting they discussed several alternatives, such as better preparation of East Coast refineries for hurricane season.

“It was a first stage,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. “Obviously we want to reach solutions and there will be multiple stages to get there,” she added.

“The meeting was constructive”, the two organizations that represent the sector, the API and the AFPM, limited themselves to indicating in a statement.

The Secretary of Energy adopted “a collaborative tone and recognized that the oil market is global in nature and that certain companies, including Shell, have reduced their refining capacity in order to produce more biofuels,” said the president of Shell USA, Gretchen Watkins.

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