MedioTiempo closes the gap with UnoTV at the top of the Native Digital Media Ranking

January 2022 was a great month for digital native media in Mexico. All the media outlets in the top 10 grew an average of 56% in January 2022 compared to December 2021, and two of them reached triple digits. Five outlets within the top ten by audience size achieved their all-time high this month. Two mediums returned to the top 10 and two mediums grew to return to the top 20. There is practically a tie in the 5th and 6th positions between Health180 and MyPocketand between Sports Herald and I am Carmine in 8th and 9th positions.

The start of the year has been positive for all the media within the top 10 of the Ranking of Native Digital Media by El Economista and Comscore. The highest growth in January 2022 was registered AttitudeFem of Digital Image with a growth of 215% compared to the month of December 2021 to reach 4,863 million unique visitors, achieving its historical maximum that allows it to jump from the 17th position in the ranking to the fourth. The second position in terms of growth was obtained by Sports Herald which also reached an all-time high, reaching 3,826 million unique visitors, which represents a growth of 132% compared to the previous month. They climbed eight positions to be placed this month in eighth place in the ranking.

They remain on the podium of the ranking OneTV, Halftime and SDP Noticias compared to the previous month, however, the difference between the first and the second was reduced to only 2,584 million unique visitors when in January 2021 the difference was almost thirteen million. Halftime reports for the fourth consecutive month a growth equivalent to 4,868 million unique visitors since October 2021.

In the lower part of the ranking, positions 11th to 20th, 6 of the 10 media outlets registered growth and it stands out The Deform of Grupo SDP with a growth of 243% compared to the previous month that allowed it to climb 11 positions and reach 19th place. Latinus climbed 7 positions and had a growth of 82% to reach 1,713 million people and very close to the previous position it has okgirls.

The top 10 of the Digital Native Media Ranking in January 2022, measured by cross-platform unique visitors, was established as follows:

One TV: 12,769 million (+13% monthly)

Halftime: 10,185 million (+33% monthly)

SDP News: 5,875 million (+40% monthly)

AttitudeFem: 4,863 million (+215% monthly)

Health180: 4,358 million (+37% monthly)

MyPocket: 4,357 million (+44% monthly)

gastrolab: 4,308 million (+34% monthly)

Sports Herald: 3,826 million (+132% monthly)

I am Carmine: 3,818 million (+4% monthly)

I am Soccer: 3,519 million (+11% monthly)

The 11th to 20th positions in January 2022, measured by cross-platform unique visitors, are as follows:

The Broken Chair: 3,237 million (+28% monthly)

Aristegui News: 2,667 million (+9% monthly) 2,515 million (+48% monthly)

Show.News: 2,456 million (-21% monthly)

In couple: 2,443 million (+0% monthly)

KiwiLemon: 2,096 million (-22% monthly)

Ok girls: 1,720 million (+37% monthly)

Latinus: 1.1713 million (+82% monthly)

The Deform: 1,631 million (+243% monthly)

Crazy Kitchen: 1,619 million (-6% monthly)

The Native Digital Media Ranking carried out month by month by El Economista and Comscore since 2015 analyzes the volume of native digital media users in Mexico who produce and distribute content, regardless of category (news, entertainment, sports, humor). Only sites whose main distribution and business channels were born in digital formats are taken into account, even if they later developed traditional media ventures, such as print, radio or television. The volume of unique users is analyzed on three platforms: smartphones, tablets and desktops.

* Iván Marchant is Vice President of Sales for Comscore Mexico and partner of El Economista for the realization of the Native Digital Media Ranking.

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