Medical specialists do not respond to the call for vacancies: Zoé Robledo

The general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, assured that despite the federal government’s call to hire 14,323 medical specialists, vacancies in different states of the country have not been filled.

During the press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace, Zoé Robledo presented the progress of the Wellness Health Planwhich seeks to absorb the state health systems of 15 entities in the IMSS-Wellness model,

He mentioned that in Nayarit there was a call to hire 475 specialists, although only 32 applicants were submitted, so 443 medical specialists will still be required.

“To give us an idea, it is 6% of the total that was covered in Nayarit, it was the state with the least coverage and the specialties that can be seen there are the most basic specialties among emergencies, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Anesthesia, Surgery and Pediatrics; there is 81% of the missing; And if we see it by place, where are the places where they are missing, some are from the Civil Hospital that is in Tepic; That is where we are analyzing how to cover those specialists who are still looking for the nationals, because they have not yet been covered and we will be reporting on that soon, ”he explained.

However, Zoé Robledo pointed out that the transformation in Nayarit is advancing with the operation of 100% of all the operating rooms of the state hospitals that serve the population that does not have social security.

He said that eight hospitals where they did not perform surgeries have been intervened, among them those of Compostela, the Community of Las Varas, Tecuala, Acaponeta, Ixtlán del Río, Jesús María and Puente de Camotlán.

The general director of the IMSS explained that the last hospital that had yet to be incorporated was the Basic Community Hospital of Las Varas, in the municipality of Compostela, which had not carried out any surgery since 2014; however, the first three surgeries have already been performed and their productivity will be reported later.

In the case of Colima, the general director of the IMSS said that in order to give job certainty to health personnel, the goal is to regularize 870 temporary workers, of which 429 have begun the hiring process to obtain a base, which means an advance of 49%: 121 are doctors with one to seven years of service, 277 Nursing personnel and 31 paramedics with two to 11 years of service with temporary contracts.

He added that on June 23 it was announced that the Hemodialysis service in the State Unit is already free, since previously to use this renal replacement therapy service, users paid 638 pesos every third day per session. He pointed out that this center installed 14 chairs, 14 anesthesia machines and medications that will benefit 73 patients. Additionally, the mammography room of the Manzanillo Hospital was put into operation.

On the other hand, Zoe Robledo He recalled that on May 20, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited the Guarijío peoples of southeastern Sonora to propose a Justice Plan that included health elements.

He indicated that on Thursday, June 23, Mesa Colorada came “to agree with the community, with the traditional governors and with the state government, Dr. José Luis Alomía was with us, representing Governor Alfonso Durazo.”

He pointed out that part of the agreements was to implement an improvement plan for the Álamos General Hospital, installed in the municipal capital, which is 43 years old and suffers from several deficiencies in infrastructure, equipment, personnel, doctors and medical specialists, as well as coverage in all turns.

He said that a shelter will also be set up so that the Guarijío people, who must make transfers of four to five hours or more, can reach this facility and be treated at the hospital.

The general director of the IMSS pointed out that the Mesa Colorada Health Center will become an IMSS-Wellness Rural Medical Unit, in order to guarantee that it has all the supplies and personnel for care in all shifts.

He indicated that the ambulance for transfers will also be changed, a Mobile Medical Unit will be installed to make visits to the communities, and work is being done on the installation of a communications antenna to notify when an emergency arises.

“In this way we will be able to serve the entire population of Guajaray, Corogüi, Burapaco, Cábora, including other communities that are outside Álamos in the neighboring municipality of Quiriego,” he emphasized.

Finally, Zoé Robledo reported that a team of 92 people from IMSS-Wellness moved to Sonora to begin training in state hospitals, and the interventions of this care model “so that very soon Sonora will also join the operation. full of this program.

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