Islam, it is the indication of the authorities in the case of Covid-19. But, how do you do that when it comes to work and lose weight? The question is relevant for more 35 million workers in mexico that no account with access to health institutions and social security and, for that matter, tampoco has access to a labor incapacity.

Agreed with the National Inquiry into Occupation and Employment (ENOE), the 61% of the labor force our country does not have access to a health institution, so it means that in the event of a death or suffering from a work accident it will be a serious injury for the time required by the activities.

“In the context of a pandemic, clearly these people do not have the right to incapacity; for example, if against Covid. It’s a good nightmare because of the number of people who do not have access to these services “, explains Katia Guzmán, Coordinator of Data of the Mexican organization ¿Cómo Vamos?

During the first three weeks of this year, the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) has increased more than 600,000 incapacities by Covid-19. The social security authorities prevent this figure from increasing the number of blacks.

“This element is considered to be highly relevant for the increase in the contagios that are found and by how it affects productivity as well. These are some of the vulnerabilities that are affecting us informal workers which is the antidote to the pandemic, ”said Ana Gutiérrez, Coordinator of the Exterior and Laboratory of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO).

Following the report by the ENOE, in the fall of 2021 the working population without social security at 669,381 people the level observed in March of 2020, my preview of the initial impact of the sanitary emergency by Covid-19 in the Mexican labor market.

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From the perspective of Ana Gutiérrez, the high level of information in the labor market in Mexico is the main factor for the 35 million people not included in social security, a condition that is most vulnerable.

“Now ten Medical services guaranteed a la hora de enfermarse ya sea de Covid o de otras enfermedades. Everything is a major vulnerability, a poor quality of life and there is something that lamentably inhibits the productivity of the country, ”said the specialist.

Katia Guzmán coincides with this perception, the dimensions that elevate the informal sector in our country the main reason for the majority of the labor force is unprotected even an emergence as the actual.

Well, informality has a volley of escape over the lack of laboratory opportunities in formality and has an important component of flexibility that allows people, through all women, to combine their work with other activities, the other of the month is que tienden a ser occupations con ingresos suelen volátiles y sin prestaciones de ley, como la social security, explains the specialist. “What works is what works.”

The 2021 will close with the highest number of informal workers, 32.2 million people occupied by this condition. At 21 months of the sanitary emergency by Covid-19, the labor market reported 1.1 million occupants in the information on arrival at its prevalence level due to the pandemic, in contrast to the crime of 68,446 work-related injuries.

Without incapacity and with more risk

The lack of access to performance as a labor incapacity if it is “more serious” to consider that good parts of the sectors with mayor informality increase the activities with more workers exposed to the contagio, opina Ana Gutiérrez.

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“We believe that it has increased informality in activities such as restaurants, accommodation services, commerce, where there is much more interaction, where the people are engaged in major mayoral contagion. It’s worrying that informality is even greater because people do not have access to everything achievements that if it does not guarantee a recovery, it will help ”.

In Mexico, the population occupied increased by 56.9 million people, 62% found in the service sectorin activities that suelen require more present work and with tares where there is more interaction with other people.

For Katia Guzmán, the crime of informality and the population without social security in good faith is the result of the failure of public policies focused on protecting the job, which also has influenced a recovery with a deterioration in the quality of work. “Everybody gets mad at their own people,” he said.

“This implies a total protection. Although it is an attractive scheme for the flexibility that it offers, it implies total protection, salute to them and them informal workers sean muy precavidos y hagan aportaciones voluntarias al IMSS ”, indica la specialist.

Agreed with the OCC Mundial Laboratory Thermometer, currently the 40% of professionals siente temor a contagiarse de Covid-19 en su center de trabajo. In the first week of this year, the proportion of workers that manifests itself is 29%.

“This is the normal derivative of the record of new contagios which is registered in the country. Contrast with the 4% who declare happy to have interaction in the office “, said the work ball in his report.

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