A file containing personal and medical information concerning more than 500,000 French people is distributed on certain sites and specialized discussion spaces, reports the CheckNews section of Release. The document contains extremely sensitive medical information, such as in some cases the HIV status of patients, notes the daily, which was able to analyze the contents of the file.

The data would come from the files of about thirty medical analysis laboratories, mainly located in Morbihan, Côtes-d’Armor, Eure, Loiret, and Loir-et-Cher.

Suspected analytical laboratory software

Based on the findings of Release, this information was very likely taken in laboratories which all used the same software, Mega-Bus, from Dedalus France. The software has been phased out in recent years – the most recent data in the file dates back to 2019. Asked by Release, the management of Dedalus confirms that a problem could have affected, in particular, data migrations from the Mega-Bus platform, but said they did not know precisely where the flaw could have come from.

The dissemination of such a volume of medical data is rare in France. The file appears to have been distributed on purpose by one or more members of a community for buying and reselling pirated personal data files, out of revenge – the free distribution of such data depriving them of any market value.

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