Mediamarkt suffers a cyber attack that blocks its servers in Europe

  • There could be more than 3,000 systems infected with a malicious program

  • The services that are carried out through the web have been paralyzed as a precaution

A ‘ransomware’ attack has blocked Mediamarkt servers and it has affected its stores in Holland, Belgium and Germany. They have also been affected, although to a lesser extent, those that the multinational has in Spain.

A leaked internal email exposes that there could be more than 3,000 Windows systems affected for this cyberattack and it could not be carried out through the website as a preventive measure. Stores can only sell products that are physically in them.

Cerca del ‘Black Friday’

November 26 is the ‘Black Friday’ one of the main days of product sales by companies. That is why the fact that the services of pick up and drop off and the other services that the company performs through the web remain paralyzed it could significantly affect the German company with only a month left until the Christmas campaign.

Cash registers could be affected by the same program and that is why they ask not to reconnect them until the problem has been solved. The company intends to go updating their protocols in order to provide its services to all its clients, according to La Vanguardia.

What is ransomware?

As it has been leaked on social networks, the ransomware that would have been used would be known as Hive and the payment required to release the files could exceed the 200 million euros.

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This is a harmful program that restricts access to certain parts or files of the infected operating system, that is, a “data hijacking”. In addition, with these files, the people who use it ask for a ransom in exchange for returning this restriction. This cyber attack is very similar to the one at the UAB in mid-October.

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