“… Me neither!”: On the same wavelength

Before creating … Neither do I !, Catherine-Anne Toupin found that the Quebec television landscape lacked an entertaining, intelligent and relevant general public comedy which would tackle various societal subjects, such as education, health and disinformation. After watching the first three of the ten episodes of the series which begins Tuesday night on Noovo, we can say that the actress and screenwriter has fulfilled the order.

With his accomplice of Boomerang, Karina Goma, Catherine-Anne Toupin signs a scouring and tonic dramatic comedy, where she plays Sarah Beaulieu, a right-wing politician who will be forced to host a radio show with her worst enemy, Christian Lamontagne.

Interpreted by Vincent Leclerc, this intellectual of the left has just lost his time slot in favor of a popular humorist, Jean-François Baptiste (Frédéric Pierre). “We will get to know Jean-François, promises Catherine-Anne Toupin during a virtual press briefing. He will turn out to be someone with articulate, intelligent words, perhaps even more interesting than those of Christian! Comedy is an extraordinary way to tackle delicate subjects. With lines that scratch and characters that lack nuance, it allows us to send a little message to people who would not necessarily be receptive to what we have to say. “

“It’s also a way of confronting our own contradictions,” continues Vincent Leclerc. We are full of great principles, but when it’s time to put things into action, we shake a little in the neck. This is one of the things that attracted me to Christian. “

If there will be sparks on the air, both with a formidable sense of repartee and a good dose of bad faith, Sarah and Christian will discover that they share common points.

“The more the season goes on, the more they will be confronted with the consequences of their actions, among themselves and with their listeners. And this is where it meets a crying topical subject, which is the polarization – and even the radicalisation – from a lot of people listening to certain media. That’s what we wanted to talk about, and I must say that the news has caught up with us as often reality exceeds fiction, ”explains Karina Goma.

Face to face

In order to stage this effervescent universe where hilarious murderous lines burst forth from both sides of the ring, it is Charles-Olivier Michaud (Boomerang, Can you hear me ?) that Encore Television has once again trusted. And the result has absolutely nothing to do with Radio, a series infamous for the abominable moumoute by Raymond Bouchard.

“There are those who thought that the radio scenes were going to be the most difficult to shoot, whereas that is what attracted me to this showthere, reveals the director, great fan of radio and podcast. For me it was like The Wizard of Oz : we see what is behind the curtain. It is a medium which, strangely, has seldom been presented in cinema and television in Quebec – yes, there has been Radio hell and that was good! Yet radio is part of the culture: there is the character of Alan Partridge, the series NewsRadio, the film Talk Radio… »

With its title evoking a well-known song by Serge Gainsbourg, … Neither do I ! seems to announce that the right and left will meet in the center for a tumultuous romance. However, Catherine-Anne Toupin and Karina Goma have many tricks up their sleeve.

“As a big television consumer, we understand the mechanics of a series, especially in half-hour comedy like Friends Where Seinfeld. Or, le show switch to something else … and myself, I had not seen that often! Exclaims Charles-Olivier Michaud.

“The comedy will remain creaky, but a plot of suspense will emerge, because we live in a world which we must laugh at even if it is not always funny”, concludes Karina Goma.

… Neither do I !

Noovo, Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.

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