MC candidate leads the extraordinary election of General Zuazua with 37.56% of the votes

Monterrey, NL. In the extraordinary election that was held this Sunday, November 7, in the city hall of General Zuazua, the candidate of Citizen movement, Nancy Olinda Gutiérrez Arrambide, leads in the electoral contest, with 5,429 votes, that is, 37.56% of a total of 14,451 total votes, according to the Preliminary Election Results Information System (SIPRE).

In second place was the coalition candidate Together we will make history (Morena, PT, PVEM, New Alliance), Alma Rosa Montemayor Martínez, with 3,258 votes, which represents 22.54% of the total votes computed.

It is worth mentioning that the percentage of citizen participation was 35.36%, out of a nominal list of recorded minutes of 40,857, indicates the Preliminary Election Results Information System.

The state coordinator of Citizen movementAt the end of the extraordinary day, he said: “the people of Zuazua spoke loud and clear, expressing with their vote that this is the new orange city hall of Nuevo León; Our citizens win, who thus join the movement that really represents and fights for their interests ”.

Next Wednesday, November 10, the Municipal Electoral Commission carry out the official count of the 81 squares.

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