Mbappé’s winks

In a comic about the life of Kylian published recently, it was explained how one Christmas, Santa Claus had left a Real Madrid shirt at home Mbappé. But the boy realized that the shirt was fake and told his mother that it had to be returned but that one day he would wear the official one.

Next Monday that child turns 23 and in two weeks he will be free to fulfill that childhood dream and sign the contract of his life. Everything seems to indicate that this will be the case, and that the established plan will follow its route, although perhaps not the initially planned deadlines to announce it.

The macabre draw

The surreal Champions League draw has been able to slightly alter events. With a round of 16 meeting ahead between Parisians and Madrid, it does not seem the most opportune that the fate of the French striker could be known from June … unless he was to renew with PSG. Discarded?

Not much less. Interviews with Kylian and each one of them is a balancing act. The publication of the comic itself illustrating the history of the shirt is a sidereal-sized nod to the Santiago Bernabéu, yes.

But Paris Match, in its last appearance, collects phrases as ambiguous as “things can happen that change your plans: it is impossible to predict what I will do in the next 20 years.” Of course, after assuring in the same publication that “human ties are more important than money & rdquor; and that “it is life experience that counts, rather than earning money […] I want to travel, to discover, to meet players from different cultures & rdquor ;.

Parallelism with Zidane

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In case it was not clear, the photo that illustrates the interview is a copy of the one that starred years ago Zidane just before signing for Real Madrid. With the neck of the sweater covering his mouth, like Zizou. By the way, and in case someone doesn’t catch it … Kylian he is wearing white, that neither Zidane that time.

Everything seems as clear as water. But with (so much) money involved, even the best comic can change color. Like the Champions League draw.

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