Mbappé, from frustration to ridicule

Someday, at some point, someone, hopefully not the same ones who have been telegraphing us and telling us in detail (false) the signing of Kylian Mbappe for him real Madrid during the last year, he will tell us what has happened so that what everyone assumed was done and sealed became the greatest frustration in the history of Real Madrid, not so much of Florentino Perezwho was in charge of leading the bet and, although he never opened his mouth (as he always does) to say that he had him signed or that he was already here, he did allow with his leaks that a throng of journalists faithful to the cause risked their prestige , or a good part of it, assuring until the date (first week of June) that the boy was going to be presented and, even, describing the house that had already been bought in ‘La Finca’.

Florentino, against two countries

In the grotesque resolution of the ‘Mbappé case’, there are those who think that Florentino Pérez has suffered the greatest frustration of his personal and professional life, including, perhaps, the multitude of highway tenders that he has had to lose with ACS all over the world. But we are talking about frustration because, in the case of the French star, the almighty president of Real Madrid was facing, or should have known (there were moments when he did not seem aware), two countries, such as France, which could not allow their franchise player , the leader of his team, the greatest representative of his sport, played far from his country, and Qatar, which has not only bought a World Cup skipping all the (human) rights in the world and much more, but also has the money as punishment and uses it, albeit badly, in whatever he wants. Frustration, then, occurs when you try and fail.

The ridicule, however, could be applied to the army of informants, the press, radio, television, networks, the modern world of the cloud, which has spent months and months telling in detail how, when and in what way the arrival of Mbappé to Real Madrid to mark a new decade. It should not be forgotten (and that should have been a sign that this horrible end for the White House would be suspected) that PSG rejected Florentino’s offer of 200 million euros with only one year left on the Frenchman’s contract. And we must not forget that, for money, no matter how angry Javier Thebesthere is no one who can beat the Qataris.

The permanent hoax

I know that many of you will think (and do right) that the football media spend the day spouting hoaxes about possible signings. In the new ‘Laporta era’ there have been 47 hoaxes (I have counted them), starting with Haaland, Lewandowski, Di Maria, Christensen, following by Gabriel Jesús, Soler, Wirtz, Isak and ending with Adeyemi, Cavani and Marcos Alonso. 47! But, in the case of Barca intoxications, everyone agrees, knowing Joan Laporta, the credibility that touches. The problem is that until now, everyone believed Florentino Pérez and, of course, those who received the call from him, washap or the call from Jose Angel Sanchez, his right hand, did not question what they were told. Never. As a representative of an elite Spanish player told me one day, “you can’t say no to Real Madrid.”

Say “no” to Madrid

Well, there have been those who have told him no and, on top of that, without any explanation. Supposedly for money. Yes, okay, for a lot of money. But it is that Florentino Pérez did not contemplate that possibility either, that someone who had suddenly rejected 200 million for his soccer player, would cover him with hundreds of millions with an argument as simple as “you are 23 years old, you make money now and, at 26, you go wherever you want, being richer and a better player & rdquor ;.

I repeat, it is still curious (and it even has a point of fun) that such a rudeness has reached, dwarfing what they say is the largest club in the world, whoever has to explain what happened is not the president (almost owner) of the white entity, but all those journalists who put themselves at the service of the club to sing, not only the thousand and one excellences of the masterful and well-designed ‘Mbappé operation’, but also rule out that the signing could be frustrated, fail, not take place.

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You can’t say no to Real Madrid, not even when it tells you that Mbappé has already signed.

P.S. Equal Florentino Perez made him sign a clause Kylian Mbappelike the one that made him sign louis figo, and one of these days we will find out that Real Madrid has deposited 500 million euros in cash for breach of contract by the French star. It will be for money!

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