MBA | A law degree… and an MBA at the same time

Since 1997, the University of Sherbrooke has offered training that combines the bachelor’s degree in law and the master’s degree in business administration (MBA). A unique program in Quebec… and very limited!

Students in the cooperative Law-MBA program at the University of Sherbrooke generally do not have the two years of experience required to be admitted to the MBA. Most of them just graduated from college…with an R rating almost as high as they got into medical school.

To my knowledge, this is the second highest R rating after medicine. It’s rare that we have R ratings below 32 for this program. We are in the 33-34-35 range.

Yves Trudel, director of the MBA and M. Sc. and M. Adm. programs.

A maximum of forty students make up the tightly knit cohorts of this intensive university program. “Honestly, we wouldn’t have a problem filling two classes. And that would be a good quality of students. But we always wanted to keep the program – if only for its reputation – as exclusive as possible,” explains Mr. Trudel.

Accelerated and demanding training

If future students choose to enroll in the cooperative Law-MBA program, it is because it offers comprehensive, accelerated training and an exceptional placement rate in the job market.

Just like the standard MBA, this university program has 54 credits. Spanning four full-time years, it includes three components: the bachelor’s degree in civil law, the master’s degree in business administration and internships. “It’s a big contract. We cannot decide to take an off session in the middle,” underlines Claude-André Guillotte, professor in the management department.

Understanding the job market

The Law-MBA program includes three internships, which allows students to familiarize themselves with the world of work and put their learning into practice. According to Yves Trudel and Claude-André Guillotte, this is a great strength of this training. “Employers don’t just fall in love with (our students) once they graduate, they fall in love during internships. Often, they will want to keep them,” says Mr. Trudel.

For their final work in management, students are tasked with carrying out a strategic mandate in a real context. “Our students, in teams of four or five, work in a company for a specific mandate. And there, we have access to everything, and I mean everything: salaries of employees, CEOs, profitability, redistribution of dividends, etc. Our students are on the ground. They are supervised by six teachers to ensure that they can look at the issue in order to have the vision of a leader,” explains Mr. Guillotte.

The last company we did last summer – which I can’t name – the employer took the work of our students and made a best of and that’s what he does his job with. strategic plan for the coming years. That means they’re on the mark.

Yves Trudel, director of the MBA and M. Sc. and M. Adm. programs.

A proven program

“Do we have a real MBA in our hands? Should we change our admission criteria and now ensure that people have at least two years of work experience? », recently asked Yves Trudel. The answer: “The perception of our graduates on the job market is so strong that employers understand very well what they have in their hands. Yes, they may not have that work experience, but they perform so well that employers don’t take that into account. »


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