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There is no honeymoon phase for re-elected mayor Valérie Plante. The mayor of Montreal wastes no time in her second term, and presents concrete steps that her Projet Montréal party intends to take in her first 100 days of government.

The Projet Montréal leader scored a decisive victory on Sunday night. Plante obtained 52 percent of the votes and his party has a majority in the city council.

“The fact that Montréal elected me again with a large, large number, is a great victory,” Plante said. “I don’t want to disappoint, but I want to make sure they feel like I represent them all.”

Plante held the first press conference of his second term Monday morning with elected members outside the Jeanne-Mance Rooms public housing project, the first of its kind in Montreal and the second in Canada.

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“The house is huge and it will not only be for the next four years, but also in our first 100 days,” he said.

Plante said his administration will introduce a mandatory rental registry to prevent unfair rent increases and limit renewals.

“The weakness of this plan is really that rental registration is not for all units in Montreal,” said Catherine Lussier, community organizer for the Front d’Action Populaire en Réaménagement Urbain (FRAPRU).

He added that the rent register is only for buildings with eight units and more.

Click to play video: '' The result is clear ': Denis Coderre comments on the defeat of the Montreal mayoral elections''

‘The result is clear’: Denis Coderre comments on the defeat of the Montreal mayoral elections

‘The result is clear’: Denis Coderre comments on the defeat of the Montreal mayoral elections

Plante’s other priorities in the first 100 days include green transition, economy relaunch, and work to increase public safety.

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“We will hire more police, but we will also double the financial resources for community groups. Because they are, they are also part of the solution in terms of violence prevention, ”Plante said.

According to Élections Montréal, voter turnout was 38 to 4 percent, up from 42 percent in the last municipal elections of 2017.

Apathy is Boring CEO Samantha Reusch said she believes the “decision by Élections Montréal to move the registration deadline to three weeks before the election” is having a much greater impact than anticipated.

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“I’d bet a lot of people found out after that deadline that they weren’t registered, that they couldn’t vote, and that there was nothing they could do about it after that time.”

Reusch told Global News that to increase voter turnout, there must be fewer barriers to getting to the polls.

“I think the most important thing is that it is necessary to carefully analyze some of the policies related to registration and access to polling stations,” he said.

Plante told reporters that he takes voter turnout “seriously”, adding that he always wants to see a bigger turnout, especially after a campaign boost, but believes COVID is still playing a role.

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“People are still dealing with COVID in different ways. So that would be my first performance, “he explained.

Regardless, he said that his party is at full steam and is already close to completing the 2022 budget, with the aim of balancing it.

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