A solo career spanning almost two decades and fifteen albums will not have breathed the singer-songwriter Paul Cargnello. In the same way, he had beautiful browsing from one musical style to another, Louisiana funk, folk-rock, new wave, reggae, we will never extinguish punk, the militant in him. Under post-punk synth tunes sometimes dancing (She is born, Card castle, Love is for the brave, a success that one) the musician is more introspective than on his last albums. “Don’t leave town without me,” he sings over On the east side, a blues-rock in Hammond B3 on a vaguely cumbia rhythmic, expressing this urgent despair which has always furnished his songs, nevertheless filled with moments of light. After the acoustic album (Striped Down) released last fall, the musician has filled his studio with instruments to record almost on his own these biting songs dressed in festive arrangements. Not Perhaps, but certainly: Cargnello remains one of the most constant artisans of the song here.


★★★ 1/2

Paul Cargnello, Hell for Breakfast

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