Mayan Train Opacity

The development of infrastructure is essential for the growth of the country and for the generation of jobs. But to comply with this axiom it is required that the investment be destined for profitable and productive projects; especially public investment, which should provoke the private sector to participate in a complementary manner, generating a virtuous circle that stimulates the internal market and generates opportunities for regional and national development. Unfortunately, in poor Mexico with a vision towards the past in which the authorities intend to plunge us, the few investment projects that we have are doomed to failure.

The three megaprojects of the federal government have something in common: there is not a single peso of private investment and they are also the most opaque in the history of Mexico. Its doubtful profitability did not convince any investor, in addition, the information of the resources around its respective constructions has not been revealed and; as you know, opacity is the mother of mistrust.

The idea of ​​a train that promoted the southeast did not sound bad. But they have not been able to report how they will mitigate deforestation, the destruction of cenotes, the bat caves in the area, the nature reserves, nor how the actual management of the archaeological zones in the region will be; the latest findings already exceeded more than 25,000 monuments, and 130 burials and cave paintings on the route.

Of the seven sections that the Mayan Train will travel in almost 1,600 kilometers from Tabasco to Quintana Roo, three do not have an Environmental Impact Statement, almost 40% of the project, that is, in a region where we have the largest underground river system in the world. and an infinity of protected flora and fauna, our government ignores environmental regulation. That is why it is absurd that on the website of the Mayan train one of the main objectives appears as “caring for the environment”, right?

The management of the millionaire resources of its construction is just as dark. A few days ago, the INAI ordered Fonatur greater transparency in the contracts for this project and requested some, such as the sleepers, which are the ones that will support and separate the rails, to which the agency replied that “the same ones were not located ”, failing the principle of maximum publicity required by law.

While Fonatur does not want to reveal the information on the sleeper contracts, on June 10 in Balancán, Tabasco, Javier May, Director General of the Fund, as well as Governor Carlos Merino, visited the China Communications Constructions company and factory, where they reported precisely that 1,200 sleepers are being produced daily to be used on the Mayan Train tracks. So, are there or are there not contracts?

Closing the economic gap between North and South must be a priority, but when that discourse is used as a mere pretext to destroy our environment and to hide acts of corruption, the end is lost. Therefore, we must demand higher levels of transparency and accountability from those who govern us; Only then will there be trust, modernity and development in its actions towards citizens. Unfortunately, this is Morena’s country, not the prosperous and inclusive Mexico that we deserve.


Soraya Perez


between numbers

Former President of the Federation of Colleges of Economists of the Mexican Republic AC

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