May Day: Thousands of people demonstrate in Barcelona to demand that wages rise

Several thousand people demonstrate this Sunday in the center of Barcelona to celebrate May Day and demand the need for raise wages and contain the rise in prices in a scenario in which inflation is skyrocketing.

The demonstration, called by the CCOO and the UGT, started in the Plaza de Urquinaona shortly before noon, with the slogan ‘The solution: raise wages, contain prices, put an end to inequalities’.

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The general secretaries of CCOO and UGT of Catalonia, Xavier Pacheco Y Camil Rossrespectively, have claimed before the start of the march the need to raise wages, and have warned the employers that they will not sign any collective agreement that does not include salary review clauses.

In addition, the trade union centrals have ensured that if this condition is not met, there will be mobilizations and they will ask that the indexing of salaries to inflation be done by law.

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