‘May B’ is reborn in the Naves del Español

Forty years ago a choreography was born that time has not managed to wear out. On the other hand, four decades have been enough to elevate it as a classic that disappears from the scene to emerge with the same force that it showed in its premiere. May B, from Maguy Marin, shines for the Madrid public in four unique performances at the Naves del Español and the only question I ask myself is: why so few?

This history as present as it is distant, as from now as from yesteryear, reveals to us the most intrinsic of the human being. The entrails of ten dancers are exposed in the grotesque that we really are. There is no definite time, there is no definite time.

On the scene is the history and future of the human being in the form of grunts, supposedly exaggerated daily gestures, intimacies that we strive to hide and trips to some place to be fixed.

The characters, originally created by the genius of the absurd Samuel BeckettThey are grotesque as well as adorable. Their movements are created and recreated from the slowness of those who want serenity and find the anxiety that living means.

May B is a production by Compagnie Maguy Marin, Maison des Arts et de la Culture de Créteil, directed and choreographed by Maguy Marin who moves her dancers like puppets from the theater associated with existence.

With a suggestive lighting design by Alexandre beneteaud and wardrobe of Louise Marin, an essential show with music is rounded off Schubert, Gilles de Binche and Gavin Bryars which is worth including as the culmination of an evening in the Spanish capital.

*** Eduardo López-Collazo is a critic of Dance


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