Maxime Bernier’s campaign: the very, very free electron

“We must talk about Maxime”, recently headlined the columnist Max Fawcett. in the National Observer. the People’s Party of Canada is in the sights of many surprised observers by its progression in the polls. A month ago, he didn’t even have the 4% rate needed to participate in the leaders’ debate. But his support now stands at 9% in some provinces, far ahead of the Green Party.

It was in Alberta that he had the greatest success, a situation that Justin trudeau could benefit. Indeed, in constituencies where Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck, the passage of right-wing voters to the People’s Party could tip the scales in its favor.

“Maxime is a unifier,” says Daniel Brisson, party organizer and candidate in the riding of Quebec. Its posters denounce the “segregation of vaccine measures” in the name of Freedom with a capital L.

While describing the Conservative Party as a twin of the Liberal Party, Maxime Bernier presented his party as the only opposition “to the great authoritarian government consensus”. On Twitter, he also called Justin Trudeau a “fascist psychopath” because he accused the unvaccinated of putting the rest of the population at risk.

At the start of the campaign, this strategy seemed risky. Passing through Beauce, The duty had also noted the unease caused by this anti-ax shift among several of his former supporters.

However, according to Daniel Brisson, the faithful of Maxime Bernier in Beauce are quite simply less visible. In 2019, the conservative Richard Lehoux had won against him by 10 percentage points. However, that year, the People’s Party won only 1.9% of the vote across Canada.

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