Mattea Roach wins 4th game on Jeopardy!; winnings hit over $100,000

Nova Scotia’s Mattea Roach is now eligible to play in a future Tournament of Champions after winning her fourth game on Jeopardy! friday night

The 23-year-old woman, who is originally from Halifax, pocketed another $24,200, bringing her new four-day total to $104,600.

According to the Daily Box Score, Roach attempted to buzz in 42 times during Friday’s episode. She was successful 33 times, for a success rate of 79 per cent.

Of the 33 buzzes, Roach was correct on 31 of her responses.

During Friday’s episode, show host Mayim Bialik highlighted how nice it was to have a Canadian on the show – something that hasn’t been possible during the pandemic.

“What does it feel like to be our very special ‘Canadian unicorn?'” asked Bialik during Friday’s episode.

“It’s been amazing… Canadians are always very proud of our homegrown celebrities, so to come on Jeopardy! where Alex was such an iconic presence for so many years, it’s really, really, special,” answered Roach.

Roach first applied to be on the long-running game show in 2020. This January, she was invited to Los Angeles to tape an episode.

While Roach is from Halifax, she also has close ties to Cape Breton. Her mom is from Ingonish, NS, and her father de ella is from New Waterford, NS, and many of her relatives de ella still live on the island.

Roach plays her fifth game Monday night, where she will face off against Vanessa McCombs from Manassas, Va., and Michael Wohlman from Austin, Texas.

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