A 23-year-old “Jeopardy!” champion originally from Nova Scotia won her 23rd match on the trivia gameshow Thursday night.

Mattea Roach earned more than US$25,000, bringing her career winnings on the show to more than US$560,000.

During Thursday’s match, Roach attempted to buzz in 41 times and was successful 26 times for an average of 63 per cent.

She gave the right answer 24 times for a correct rate of 89 per cent.

The match came down to the wire in “Final Jeopardy!” with the category ’20th-century cinema.’

Roach bet all but $1 of her $13,000 earnings and was correct, beating out the other contestant.

During Thursday’s match, Roach competed against TJ Lovejoy, a mortgage lender from Arizona, and Sarah Snider, a teacher from Indiana.

Throughout her tenure on the show, Roach has answered correctly 92 per cent of questions in regular play and 74 per cent of questions in “Final Jeopardy!”.

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