Mathieu Lecompte wants more for his Vert et Or

The Sherbrooke Vert et Or wanted to take a giant step forward with the 2021 season, yet this is not the start of the season hoped for by the Estrie team. The team fought well in their first two games, but it’s still hard to ignore the end result with two losses in as many games.

Head coach Mathieu Lecompte looked for no excuse to explain his squad’s performance.

“We really had the game in our hands against McGill and the indiscipline was very expensive. We had more than 200 yards on the punt returns in addition to having a good return for a touchdown canceled by a penalty. “

The instructor’s observation was clear after this second meeting.

“The most disappointing thing is that we repeated the same mistakes as in the first game against Montreal. In a conference like the RSEQ with excellent organizations, that’s not forgiving. You have to look at yourself in the mirror, ”says Lecompte, which opens the door to a change of personnel if the athletes on the ground persist in not applying the corrective measures.


The leader of the Greens is in no way downcast and he also sees several positive aspects of the start of the season.

“I think we have young people who give themselves in every game and who fight until the end. They are very enthusiastic and they just need to deal with their emotions better. It’s a great team and I am honored to coach these athletes. We were also physical, and that factor will stay. It is our identity. “

Even if the Vert et Or want to improve their training, the fact remains that the order will be heavy for the visit of the Rouge et Or on Saturday. Sherbrooke has never beaten the formation of Quebec in all its history.

“It’s a good organization and we respect the Rouge et Or a lot. There are a few curved balls at the strategic level, but it looks like what they always have done. It’s just normal to apply the same recipe when you are so successful. ”

No pressure

Even though the pilot is in his fifth year and has never exceeded more than two victories in the regular season, Mathieu Lecompte keeps a cool head and admits to not feeling any pressure to win at any cost.

“It’s still very early in the season and there’s a lot of football left. We will focus on our fundamentals in order to finish our games well. We will look at the scoreboard after applying this recipe for 60 minutes. We just have to keep moving forward. ”

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