Master Chief blows up a banshee in Microsoft’s new Windows 11 ad

Looks like today is a day for trailers. First, Google released the Pixel 6 trailer, and then the new Matrix the trailer arrived. Now, it is Microsoft’s turn with a brief preview for Windows 11 with Master Chief.

The short ad shows an actress walking down corridors of apps, touching things to interact with them. First, go to the Xbox Game Pass app and get started Infinite halo, which includes Master Chief in the ad. Launch a banshee out of the sky with a rocket launcher, initiating the transition to the Windows 11 widget interface.

From there, the actress searches for hummingbirds and then enters a Teams chat via the new taskbar integration in Windows 11. We briefly take a look at the sleek new Windows 11 wallpaper before moving on to a video of dance. Finally, we see the actress on her computer watching the dance video and opening a Teams call using the new Windows 11 window management system.

Overall, it’s a nice little ad that does a decent job of showing off some of the what’s new in Windows 11. I wonder if people who don’t follow the Windows news will get all the little clues about the features, though.

Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 on October 5, likely alongside the new Surface devices that the company is likely to introduce at its September 22 event. And while I’m generally excited, I’m also concerned about the upgrade process: Microsoft has already screwed it up with confusing system requirements and a staggering lack of clarity, and it doesn’t look like the situation will improve before October. .

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