Massive support for official languages ​​among the majority of Quebecers

Support for official languages ​​is undeniable and remains strong among a majority of Canadians, according to a new study released Thursday.

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The report presents the detailed results of two telephone and online surveys conducted by Environics Research Group on behalf of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.

The results of the survey are essentially the same as those recorded in 2016 during a first survey exploring the opinion of Canadians regarding official languages ​​and bilingualism.

The vast majority of Canadians say they still support the objectives of the “Official Languages ​​Act” with 87% among those surveyed by telephone and 81% for those who responded online.

This support is more pronounced in Quebec, since 95% of respondents say they support the objectives of the law, slightly more than in 2016, when Quebecers are more exposed to both official languages.

“Most of the Quebec population interacts with speakers of the other official language and consumes media or cultural products in the other language at least occasionally,” the study states.

A result that contrasts with the rest of Canada where a minority of the population is exposed to the other official language, since barely 14% of respondents admit to interacting with people who speak the other official language.

On the other hand, support for the teaching of official languages ​​remains very high, with 91% of respondents saying that French and English should continue to be taught in elementary schools across Canada.

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