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Representative Brian Masse (NDP – Windsor West) said he will return to Ottawa next week with a list of priorities ranging from legislation to protect the Windsor airport tower to the creation of a national urban park.

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“What I have done is prepare our agenda for the next few weeks, because expectations must be high in terms of getting things done, ”Masse said.

Masse is the NDP’s critic for innovation, international trade, economic development and the automobile, as well as border relations between the United States and Canada and the Great Lakes, following re-election to his Windsor West seat in September.

Masse said he will continue to advocate for Canada’s auto sector and a national auto strategy, citing the summit of North American leaders, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, US President Joe Biden, and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. , which is currently taking place in Washington.

“The unfortunate thing about today’s meetings with the Three Friends is that Canada is going there empty-handed, we don’t have a national car strategy,” Masse said, pointing to a recent US proposal that incentivizes US-made electric vehicles.

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Masse also said they are working to establish the Ojibway National Urban Park.

“We are drafting that legislation right now … it is going to be a massive and very important investment in our climate change strategies,” he said.

Other potential private member bills include legislation protecting the Windsor Airport Tower from future NAV Canada studies, the Right to Redress Act, action on a digital bill of rights, and potentially making passports free for veterans and half price for seniors, Masse said. He said he is also looking at issues including home affordability and lower cell phone and internet bills.

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And while these are private member bills, bills introduced by members of Parliament who are not ministers, Masse said he hopes that, as in the past, other parties and members will adopt the proposals.

“Most of them are private member bills by definition, but the exciting thing is that they can be stolen,” Masse said. “We are ready and willing for that to happen.”

“I am very happy to return to Ottawa, I am excited to do it, I will come back prepared.”

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