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Massachusetts state employers added 9,400 jobs in June, according to labor officials. Thus, the unemployment rate in the area fell to 5% during the same period.

The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday that, although Massachusetts originally had an unemployment rate of 6.1%, the figure was updated to 5%.

The numbers are the lowest in the state since March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to wreak havoc throughout the United States.

As for new jobs, the figure was higher by 200 new positions compared to May 2021, when 9,200 positions were reported.

Since May 2020, total employment in Massachusetts has grown by 416,000 jobs.

Calm in the face of the increase in COVID-19 cases

Despite a slight spike in coronavirus cases in the state of Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker called on citizens to remain calm and urged the unvaccinated to receive the doses.

On Friday, state health officials reported 236 infections, the most since early June.

The Telemundo news network quoted Dr. David Hamer, who told the Boston Globe that “something is happening.”

According to the expert, “I think the United States is beginning to have a rebound in cases on average across the country. And so this may be spreading to Massachusetts, so we need to increase the guard. “

For his part, Baker explained that “the Delta variant, which now accounts for more than half of the cases in the United States, is very, very contagious, and landed for the first time in the United Kingdom, which has experienced a very significant increase in cases since it became visible there. “

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