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The group MásMóvil it is having an atypical summer and at full capacity. The operator has been adjusting parts and reconfiguring departments all month to complete the integration with Euskaltel and, as confirmed Invertia, now there is only the final stretch to form the new teams and fine-tune the roadmap.

The operation was definitively authorized at the beginning of July and less than a month later a new board of directors has already been appointed. CEO of Euskaltel, José Miguel García, the television of the Basque operator was sold to Agile and prepares the sale of the fixed network of the teleco Basin.

All this has been carried out in the middle of the summer period with the sole objective of accelerating processes to be able to have everything ready with the beginning of the course and the new commercial company. The objective now is to close the last teams, the executives who will lead the new structure and close the wholesale contracts of the new merged operator.

On the horizon there is an ambitious, but achievable goal: to be the second mobile operator as soon as possible. As this newspaper has already told, both MásMóvil What Euskaltel are the fastest growing operators in mobile lines, a trend that they hope to maintain by adjusting some pieces in the new offers of Euskaltel and especially of Virgin Telco.

The data of the CNMC until June indicate that in the broadband lines market the two operators account for 16.1% of the market, while Vodafone reaches 20.2% and Orange al 24,5%. Telefónica it shoots up in this section with 37.1%.

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Mobile lines

For its part, in the mobile lines market MásMóvil and Euskaltel add up to just over 19% of the market for 22% of Vodafone, 23.3% of Orange and 29.4% of Telefónica. Here the distances are much smaller between the operators.

In fact, the newly merged company is only three points and just over two million lines away from reaching Vodafone. If it is calculated that the new company can earn at least an average of 50,000 lines per month, before the end of the year they could have gained another 300,000 lines.

At the end of June, MásMóvil had 9.7 million mobile customers to which were added some 200,000 from Euskaltel. For its part, Vodafone has 12.3 million and Orange 12.9 million.

The forecast is that by the beginning of 2022 the difference will be less than two million and that towards the end of next year things will be more even. All this in anticipation that Vodafone and Orange continue to lose customers as a result of the trade war.

The most recent data indicates that the sum of the group portabilities MásMóvil and Euskaltel placed the yellows as the company that snatched the most landlines and mobiles from its competition in July.

July data

MásMóvil registered 25,000 new mobile lines, its best record in more than a year, while Euskaltel added 16,600. Altogether they added 41,000 mobile registrations, which allowed it to almost double its closest pursuer: Digi, which totaled 27,400 in July.

In fixed portability -home and internet lines- MásMóvil adds 19,000 lines in July, while Euskaltel improves by 5,100, its record in the last year. Between the two they take 24,100, which allows them to more than triple the 7,200 lines of Digi.

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