Martin’s mission precedes the eco of a recession

There is no guaranteed place in the banquillo de la Mexicción Mexicana. Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Federation of Football (FMF), said this year and this year’s meeting with Gerardo Martino will take place from November 2021, across the country from Canada and the United States.

In the event of a decision by the Argentine coach, the FMF will have the salary available for 2022 (since the contract was signed in December) and, in addition, the clause will be paid. An agent of players and trainers with more than 10 years of experience explained to The Economist will process the application of a review clause with a trainer from the Martino valley in national selection.

“It is adventurous to say that the Tata Martino recession clause for any trainer has a good reputation and has the facility to negotiate. On occasions you can see up to two years of the total value of the contract. The FMF could have a specific position before these themes and the quiz has a very small margin of negotiation for any trainer, not only for the Tata, depending on the practice of the industry it is necessary to keep the value of the total contract ”.

As an example, we can say that, as soon as reference is made to the 2.2 million annual salary dollars (which the Mexican media consigned) and sent to Martin in February, the 11 months to pay with four years of contract, the FMF has to make available 6.6 million, to cover his full salary of 2022 and the two years of the clause.

Béla Csányi, Transfermarkt’s Values ​​Analyst, points out that some people know exactly the exact numbers of coaches’ review clauses. In addition, in the contracts you can have regulations in the case of a case, which can vary between a portion of the annual salary and the totality of the remaining amount.

In the run-up to the results with the Tricolor, Martino has more than a few minutes to go, considering that the move to Mexico will not give up his prestige as an elite coach or will determine his opportunities in the long run.

“I always consider myself a tractor, I did not treat myself in determined (elite) places because I was a student, I always had a worker, arranged my first year leading to the second (division) of Argentina and 10 years later in Barcelona. , de ninguna manera me pueden ubicar en lugar de privilegio. Tampoco creo that a determined work in a place me quite a trayectoria that it is. The trainers in our time will be better or worse, but I will not have to modify anything that is good or bad as a result of this work in Mexico “, responds to this diary, previews the game against Panama .

The value of Tata Martino in the World Cup at the time of the World Cup should be taken into account in the announcement of the contract. Differentiate between a league or a national team. The agent was consulted as an anonymous agent, mentioning that the Argentine coach at the Atlanta United of the MLS could have won between $ 500,000 and $ 1 million annually.

“El Tata for his experience and CV naturally does not miss the work and contribute in the higher spheres of the world-class trainers. In this case, his contract can be valued at between 4 and 6 million annual dollars, and the clubs pay him significantly less than he ”.

Béla, a numerical analyst for Transfermarkt, evaluates Martino’s life as a technician after Tricolor, while referring to his passing.

“The Tata Martino won in Mexico after a great pass by the Atlanta United of the MLS, as well as a bit of the ball over his deceptive paradises in Barcelona and with the Argentine Selection. Considering the Tri as the third deception in its ultimate four teams, the value and value of its prestigious Bavaria is notable. Without embarrassment, it is clear that in certain markets such as the MLS or the Argentine league, where previously the good fortune, which has a greater reputation than in the international market ”.

But he has to consider the football markets that now can be empowered with numbers and prestige.

“Martino in the Tri-Terminal for poor results and can hardly pay an equal salary at its nearest club-level station, does not have to offer a market offer that pays in excess, for example, in the United Arab Emirates or in China ”, Agrega Csányi.

The FMF’s interior decisions weigh in on the balance of Martino’s statistics and the context that favors the most.


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