Martine Desjardins at the head of a follow-up committee of the Laurent commission

Like a watchdog, the follow-up committee will keep an eye on the implementation of the 65 recommendations and 250 courses of action contained in the voluminous report of the Laurent commission, submitted almost a year ago to the day.

Even though Minister Lionel Carmant’s Bill 15 was adopted two weeks ago in the National Assembly, there is still some way to go for all the possible solutions identified by the Laurent commission to materialize.

The idea is really just to make sure that it won’t gather dust, this reportsummarizes Martine Desjardins.

Régine Laurent, seated for a press briefing, holds her report.

The Laurent commission was triggered in the wake of the death of the little girl from Granby, a tragedy that marked all of Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

The follow-up committee will make an initial assessment of its observations next November, just after the provincial elections. The idea is neither to support the government nor to harm it: all political parties will receive a copy of this first report.

The idea is really to make sure that we are going to move forward. It’s not for nothing that we called them “recommendACTIONS”: we really wanted to act, not to wait for another tragedy to occur in Quebec to act. »

A quote from Martine Desjardins, President of the Follow-up Committee of the Special Commission on Children’s Rights and Youth Protection

Ms. Desjardins then provides that a report will be tabled each year, as long as all the recommendations of the Laurent commission have not been transformed into actions.

However, it does not exclude that the committee can also react on the spot if certain current events require it.

Obviously, if ever there are laws, proposals, which go against certain recommendations of the Laurent commission, there will then be a report or a more spontaneous follow-up.

Members from all walks of life

Revealed to the general public during the student crisis of 2012, Ms. Desjardins then participated in the work of the Commission on Early Childhood Education as a commissioner in 2016.

Through this experience, she met several groups and experts working in the field, which explains why she was asked to chair the monitoring committee. They came to get meshe admits.

Youth protection is a theme that is close to his heart, having studied in particular in school and social adaptation.

In my studies in education, but also in my personal role as a mother of young children under three years old, I must say that it is something that concerns me, the fate of our children in Quebec. »

A quote from Martine Desjardins, President of the Follow-up Committee of the Special Commission on Children’s Rights and Youth Protection

A total of 24 people will sit on the monitoring committee. A few meetings will be held each year.

Among the members, we find in particular Élise Bonneville, of the Collectif petite enfance, the organization that took the initiative to appoint experts last winter to recruit the best possible stakeholders for the monitoring committee.

Fanny Dagenais, director of the Observatoire des tout-petits, and Martin Goyette, holder of the Research Chair in the Evaluation of Public Actions with Respect to Young People and Vulnerable Populations, are also part of the committee.

Youth representatives will also take part, including Jessica Côté-Guimond, instigator of the Collectif des ex-placés DYPwhich brings together former young people who have lived in the DYP.

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