Martin Matte is preparing a series for Prime Video

After hosting his talk show, Martin Matte returns to fiction. The comedian has started writing a TV series which will land not on TVA, but on Prime Video, the platform of the giant Amazon. In interview with The Pressthe author speaks of a “very, very, very personal” comedy whose action will be set in the heart of the 1990s and in which he will play his own father.

This project, which does not yet have a title, Martin Matte had had in mind for some time: to tell the story of his father, a man “starting from nothing” who launched his business, a glazing shop where his two sons work. But his youngest dreams of leaving the company to pursue a career as a comedian, while his eldest suffers a serious automobile accident…

“It starts from the stomach,” emphasizes Martin Matte on the phone. It starts from the tragedies that I experienced and that we experienced in our family. »

Going back in time, the series will depict “another planet”, a universe without internet or cell phones. We will discover a young Martin Matte, in his early twenties, who is trying to put his specialized training into sales for the benefit of the family business. “I took sales courses. My father had a book next to his bed called To live is to sell. I was raised like that! »

“It’s very, very, very personal, but it’s not autobiographical,” he explains. I draw inspiration from certain strong moments in my life, that of my father…”

This is a first French-language fiction series in Quebec for Prime Video, which continues to retain the services of comedians to conquer the Quebec market, after two seasons of TV comedy. LOL: Who will laugh last? hosted by Patrick Huard.

In this new adventure, Martin Matte will be surrounded by long-time accomplices. Just before our call, he was talking with François Avard, who will support him on the texts. The series will also be produced by Encore Télévision, the company behind The beautiful discomforts.

You can hear it on the phone: this project excites the main person concerned. After spending three not always easy months at the helm of a heavily criticized talk show, Martin Matte wanted to “have fun”.

I worked hard last fall. At the end of the year, I took a family vacation, then went skiing in Japan with friends. Today, I’m still jetlagged, but I can’t wait to tackle the project. There are scenes that I can’t wait to play, that I can’t wait to tell. It’s a great series. I am lucky to have this opportunity and this freedom.

Martin Matte

Speaking of freedom, this is one of the reasons why Martin Matte chose, this time, to go with Prime Video, and not TVA, the broadcaster of Beautiful discomforts and of Martin Matte live. The comedian presented the project to TVA. According to him, the channel was “ready to put in the money” to finance a period series, a risk given the crisis facing the local television sector. Netflix executives were also interested.


Martin Matte with Julie Le Breton, Michèle Deslauriers and Émilie Bierre in The beautiful discomforts

Martin Matte finally opted for Prime Video, which relays the first seasons of Beautiful discomforts recently. He felt confident with the leaders of the video-on-demand service, who knew his work. “I felt great consideration. They knew The beautiful discomforts. They were fans. They were talking to me about it. They approached me. They agreed with everything we asked. »

By partnering with Prime Video, Martin Matte will be able to concoct episodes of varying lengths, unlike the rigid 22-minute format required in traditional television.

THE Bye ? “A good war”

Martin Matte leaves TVA on good terms. The channel wanted the return of Martin Matte live next fall, but the host preferred to turn the page and channel his energy. What did he think of the last sketch? Bye with Louis Morissette who parodied his talk show (Martin Matte in distress) and his advertisements for Maxi? “For some, being imitated is an honor. Ugh… I would have preferred not to be imitated! “, he says, laughing.


Louis Morissette, who imitates Martin Matte in a sketch at the last Bye

“To be honest, it didn’t bother me that much. I thought it was very well done. The lyrics were good. The imitation was solid. And it’s fair game. It’s part of the game. It’s true that it’s sharp, because it’s scathing humor, but that’s okay. I do it myself. »

Squeaky and touching

It is unclear when Prime Video wants to put Martin Matte’s new comedy online. The comedian has not set a specific deadline for completing his writing, although he hopes to shoot it next fall.

As of now, no director is attached to the project. And apart from Martin Matte, no actor either. The author admits to putting the names of actors in parentheses when he writes, but nothing is set in stone, even for the identity of the actor who will play young Martin Matte.

Martin Matte hesitates to describe the series as a “tribute” to his father, because like The beautiful discomfortsthis project will combine sharp humor and touching moments.

“My father was a tough man. There was a certain violence within him. He was a great guy. It’s fun to write, but sometimes I write things, and I’m like, “Am I allowed to write this?” Because society has evolved so much since then. But I think it’s good to show where we started so that we can appreciate where we are today. »


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