Marta Riesco denounces the harassment of ‘Sálvame’ and Jorge Javier: “What is being done to me in the chain where I work?”

Marta Riesco has stood up to the treatment she is receiving from ‘Sálvame’. The reporter and now also a collaborator has become the target of jokes on the program since she became aware of her relationship with Antonio David Flores. The last one was to set up a movie theater yesterday to show the images of Riesco’s time in the series ‘Yo soy Bea’, which overwhelmed the patience of the network’s most famous reporter.

“For five months I have been suffering incredible harassment and demolition by Sálvame and La Fábrica de la Tele up to the level that I had to take a medical leave because the harassment was insufferable, it was too much & rdquor;Marta expresses on her Instagram profile, where she complains that the program has tried to ridicule her by bringing up her past in contests such as Miss Ugly or as a singer with the 2010 Eurovision candidate ‘Don’t be afraid’.

“They’ve taken everything they could get out of me since I was 18 years old,” he complains, adding: “They also started playing non-stop a song I made when I was 18 and played it every time they talked about me to ridicule and hurt me, so that I could not work on the program in which I work as a reporter and collaborator & rdquor ;.

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In her Stories, Marta acknowledges that if she has talked about her relationship with Antonio David, it is “because it was said in my program that I should go down and give a series of explanations & rdquor ;, but from that day on “it was impossible to continue with my life because they directly crushed me”. After this, Riesco visited the López Ibor mental health clinic, a situation that he believes will repeat itself: “In recent days, the jokes They have passed some very serious limits again & rdquor ;.

The matter has not stopped there and It has also exploded directly against Jorge Javier Vázquezwhom she accuses of trying to ridicule her and “Use that I wanted to be a singer or actress when I was 18 years old to calm my desire for fame. And you tell me, theater actor, singer, presenter and standard-bearer of feminism and media harassment.” “What is being done to me in the chain where I work? How can you allow that in socialite a screen full of guys come out and tell how many I’ve hooked up with? & rdquor ;, he wonders. “I admired Jorge Javier and I consider him intelligent. How can a person who has written in his books the episodes of harassment that he has suffered in his life be laughing at me talking about my nose or my eye? What have I done in this life for you to do this to me? Do you think I have to come home crying with an anxiety attack because they laugh at me every day? The song, my face, the physical defects… all I want is for you to let me continue working and for you to let me live”, sentence.

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