Marta Calvo’s family blames the Civil Guard: “They have stopped looking for the body in just 5 days”

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The family of Marta Calvo he raises his voice before the unsuccessful search for the corpse of the young woman from Estivella (Valencia). The Civil Guard reactivated the search 22 months after his disappearance, after locating Jorge Ignacio P. J. -who denies having killed her but claims to have dismembered her- at a point that he had omitted from his statement. But he immediately concluded the work when he found nothing in the inspected points. “False expectations have been generated,” he regrets Mariano navarro, spokesperson for the mother. “We are very surprised that the search for the body has stopped in just 4 or 5 days,” he says when asked about it by EL ESPAÑOL.

Navarro, a psychologist who cares for Marisol Burón, Marta’s mother, since the tragic disappearance, highlights firstly that the family “does not doubt at any time that the Civil Guard agents – and the UCO in particular – are doing everything possible to find her.” “But they have generated false expectations that have caught our attention. The mother is disturbed by the speed with which the new perimeter zone has been acted without finding anything, “he says.

Indeed, work was resumed on September 7 with “high hopes.” They focused on an illegal landfill, a hermitage and a third enclave, all of them close to the urban area of Manuel (Valencia), where the 25-year-old was lost on November 7, 2019, four months before the pandemic broke out. After 8 months searching for Marta’s body in a landfill in Dos Aguas, the family looked forward to the hairstyle of the new locations. But everything has ended in a precocious disappointment.

Asked about it, sources from the Civil Guard Command in Valencia explain that the search period has been short on this occasion because It was carried out “on very specific limited areas in which the result has been negative”. “This time it was not about looking for it over the entire surface of the landfill,” they argue. The reason why it was not searched beyond the selected spaces “cannot be disclosed for confidentiality reasons”.

Despite the wake-up call on behalf of his client, Mariano Navarro conveys that the family “has to accept this situation” and “trust the work of the investigators.” “It is very possible that there are new lines of investigation open that they cannot reveal at the moment”, Add.

Three controversies

The speed with which this area has been ruled out adds to two other controversies in the investigation. On the one hand, that the investigation did not begin until several days later that the complaint was filed for the disappearance of Marta Calvo on November 9, 2019. This was attributed to a possible poor coordination between the state security forces that was denied by the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community.

On the other hand, it was also surprising that the last investigated areas, obtained from the geolocation of the suspect’s mobile phone, have not been analyzed until almost two years after the disappearance. “This is because the study of triangulation is complex, it is not always easy to obtain the location of a device immediately,” explained research sources.

Jorge Ignacio P. J. He spent around three hours in that place in the vicinity of Manuel on the morning of November 8, 2019, the day after the alleged crime.. As the 39-year-old man explained, that morning he went to the municipality of L’Olleria to acquire the saw with which he said to have dismembered Marta Calvo after an alleged accidental death of the young woman.

The last that her relatives heard from her was that she went to Manuel on a date with a man. Two days later, his mother appeared at the living place of the accused, where the last communication she had with her daughter led her, a WhatsApp message with that location. The alleged perpetrator told him that I did not know her.

The suspicious, who turned himself in on December 4, stated that Marta’s death was due to a accident caused by excessive cocaine use. Added to this is the appearance of new cases of introduction of this drug into the genitalia of prostitutes (what is known as “White Party” in that environment). This has led the Police and the Civil Guard to investigate other similar events, which could add up to a total of six.

In any case, the subdelegate of the Government, Jose Roberto Gonzalez Puppy, initially ruled out that there could be talk of a serial killer. But several women later reported to the security forces who suffered a situation similar to what Marta Calvo suffered.

Citizen platform

Mariano Navarro also explains that Marta Calvo’s mother is going to promote a citizen platform. Your goal will be to achieve a tougher penalties for those criminals who, using their right to remain silent, hide the whereabouts of the lifeless bodies of their victims. “It causes indescribable pain that a miserable man claims to have gotten rid of Marta’s body but refuse to say where you are. This, far from being a right, should be punished, “he says.

The initiative, according to Navarro, has the backing of the family of Marta del Castillo, “who has been suffering the unspeakable for 12 years.” “We do not want the case of Marta Calvo to be the second part of that of Marta del Castillo, and that is why we are going to promote a legislative change,” he argues. His role model is that of Juan Carlos Wants, father of the murdered young woman Diana and “promoter of the revisable permanent prison.”

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