Married was right, by Emma Riverola

All the surveys announce that the PP bleeds and Vox is firedbut tomorrow we are not summoned to the polls. And when it’s time to vote, Pablo Casado will not be the one who heads the PP ballot. Before this agonizing and pathetic end, before this resounding collapse (will Netflix want a series of the fall?), the former president ‘in pectore’ of the PP splashed in the caricature. At the match, the fear of being left in the hands of Vox began to weigh as a possible slab.

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Yes, the PP is bleeding at this time. But it has been applied to emergency surgery. Out of baggage, out of instinct, out of desperation he is compelled to rebuild. If he succeeds, in one of those cruel tricks of fate, he will have to agree with Casado. Yes, despite all the regrets, his strategy of advancing the elections in Castilla y León was correct: the great move that precipitated his downfall. The one that opened the party in the channel, exposed the tremendous weakness of his president and urged his own to dethrone him. Without compassion. Buried the ‘beet style’ in time. With enough margin to be able to work for the reconstruction before the general elections. Tomorrow, Vox may have it much more difficult than yesterday.

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