Married asks about Ghali and Sánchez defends himself by asking him if he supports revaluing pensions

The start of the political course in Congress had been delayed. Actually, there was already a control session 15 days ago, but it was slightly hidden in the return from the summer. A week ago, up to 16 ministers took advantage of the absence of Pedro Sanchez, on a trip to the UN General Assembly in New York, to escape all of them from answering the questions of the opposition. With the beginning of October, and already in the fall, the cruising speed of politics returned this Wednesday: that of the dialogue of sea breams. “You ask what you want, I’ll answer whatever I want”.

… or worse, I will act as an opponent of the opposition, asking at the same time what you like.

Because that was the attitude of the president, when he did not answer any of the three specific questions that he posed. Pablo Casado: “Are you the X of the caso Ghali And did he enter Spain covertly, despite being accused of serious crimes? Did you order the manipulation of the INE’s calculations to hammer down your accounts? Will you keep your word bring and judge Puigdemont Or will it continue torpedoing the action of Justice? “.

What Sánchez did was to oppose him in turn: “Do you support the revaluation of the pensions with the CPI? ¿Van a renew the CGPJ and abandon the constitutional insubordination? “.

The leader of the PP feels strong this week, surrounded by international leaders and former presidents of the Government in his traveling convention, the one that promises to take him “soon to Moncloa for the good of Spain and Europe”, as proclaimed this Tuesday Donald Tusk, former president of the European Council, in Valladolid. The applause of the popular caucus for its president this day was especially overwhelming, enthusiastic and long in time.

But that did not affect Pedro Sánchez. The president calmly waited for the silence to come and dodged all questions without raising an eyebrow from his frown. He did not enter even sideways. “I will answer your question, of course I do”, he said … but he did it to the one who had been recorded in writing and who, generically, questioned him in case “do you have a project for Spain?”

“Up to the crown”

He began by accusing Casado of bringing anger and tension to Spain this week. That is to say, that it has “up to the crown of the Spaniards of the north and south, those of the right, left and center, of the anger and insults that you utter in this Parliament.” And proclaimed that his “project for Spain” is to make “useful politics”. He showed off his agreements from the Council of Ministers – the Minimum Wage, the ERTE and the aid for La Palma – “going from the abstractions that we make here in Congress to concrete things”.

And, juggling dialectically, the president managed to get – nobody knows how – to the second of his reproaches to Casado. “We make Spain move forward, and we would like that you will pitch in doing platitudes: such as, for example, comply with the Constitution. “That is, again about the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, which had neither been cited in writing nor in what was spoken by the real leader of the opposition, the one who in front of him in the hemicycle.

The applause of his fellow Socialists, who are 31 more than the PP deputies in the Lower House, they sounded loud, but not as enthusiastic as the popular ones, inflamed these days by their closing of ranks by the peoples of Spain. Perhaps things will change when tempers flare in another two weeks … when the PSOE Congress arrives.

“Cricket Cage”

“Even if you don’t come here a little,” Casado reproached his rival, “continues to maintain the habit of not responding to anything, but whoever is silent grants. You feel above all, but if you defend criminals for remaining in power, “he added hurtful in reference to the leader of the Polisario Front and the ex-president fled at Waterloo, “go and let us defend Spain.”

Finally, in Sánchez’s reply, the president demonstrated that he is pending the popular convention. The president reproached the words of Mariano Rajoy on Monday when he warned Casado that he will have to “reform the pensions” when he arrives in Moncloa, even if they are going to “make a strike” thus.

“You have shown that you continue to defend a return to the 2013 pension counter-reform,” said the Socialist leader. And so he wanted to get away from his lack of answers, asking in turn who his alternative is: “You answer, that I ask you: Are you in favor of revaluing pensions with the CPI? That is what Spaniards deserve to know. “

The socialist ovation, now yes, was fired up. The minister’s decree Jose Luis Escrivá It is debated and votes this Thursday in the same Chamber, and there Sánchez will be able to know the position of the PP … it remains to be known that of his Government -complete and fought, with Yolanda Diaz included- in what remains of the pension system reform. The one that Casado defined as “cage of crickets among ministers” skinned in the Moncloa press room.

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