The Minister of the Interior, Fernado Grande-Marlaska, has defended this Monday the legality of its decision to order the repatriation to Morocco of the minors who entered Ceuta irregularly on May 17 and 18, under investigation by the State Attorney General’s Office. It also ensures that Ione Belarra, Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, was informed.

“It is not an expulsion, it is a return,” defended Grande-Marlaska, interviewed by Cadena SER. Neither, he has wanted to qualify, a decision of the Interior, but “of the whole of the administrations”, being the autonomous city of Ceuta, he has stressed, who asks in the first place “the application of the 2007 regulatory framework established between the kingdoms of Spain and Morocco”.

The minister has specified that there are 15 minors who “return” to Morocco every day, so that since Friday they have already crossed the border in the opposite direction 45. He insisted that the operation is being carried out “always in the best interest of the minor and as long as they are not vulnerable minors “and he added that” moral integrity is guaranteed “and not” uprooting “of those affected.

A group of minors escape from the Tarajal ships to avoid being returned to Morocco.


Conversation with Belarra

And of all this, he replied, the coalition partners in the Government and more particularly Belarra, who complained on Friday of not having been heard or informed, were aware. “We were all correctly informed of the development of events,” Grande-Marlaska remarked.

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“All our departments are perfectly connected and we work every day on many issues that concern us reciprocally”, has settled the head of the Interior, who says he had spoken with Belarra in the last hours, without giving further details.

Returns began last Friday in what was confirmed as the first test of the improvement in relations between Madrid and Rabat once Jose Manuel Albares took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

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