Marlaska on the Puigdemont case in Malaga: “It is the European courts who decide”

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This Thursday, EL ESPAÑOL announced that the Italian police authorities had detained at the Sardinia airport to Carles Puigdemont, a fugitive from the Spanish Justice since autumn 2017. The former president of the Catalan Government, who was released this Friday, will have to testify on October 4 before the Sardinian Court.

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, pointed out this Saturday in Malaga that the European arrest warrant is a dialogue between the courts of the European Union, “so they are the ones who have to dialogue with each other and dictate the resolutions“according to the case of the former president of the Catalan Government.

This has been pointed out, questioned by journalists this Saturday in the city, where has asked to let the European courts “decide and resolve, which is the responsibility of and proceeds, and the others, to abide by the resolutions issued by those courts. “

Big-Marlaska has attended a the MED5 group meeting, made up of the Minister of the Interior himself and her Italian counterparts, Luciana Lamorgese; Cyprus, Nikos Nouris; and Malta, Byron Camilleri, and the Greek Minister for Immigration and Asylum Policy, Notis Mitarachi.

In this way, it has been ratified that no Spanish authority “of any kind or department” was present at Puigdemont’s arrest, “neither before nor during nor after”, denying the words of the former Catalan president’s lawyer. And he has again pointed out that, in his opinion, “every citizen claimed by the Spanish justice must appear before it.”

The Minister of the Interior did not want to assess the resolution of the Italian justice. “I do not make evaluations of court decisions“, he said, while recalling that it is a judicialized issue, in the hands of the European courts and that these resolutions will proceed” in accordance with our community heritage from which all the countries of the European Union are normatively fed “.

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