• The Government mobilizes 23,500 civil guards and police officers throughout the country to prevent the pickets from vetoing the transit of goods

The municipal markets and the supers resist on the fourth day of strikes of the carriers. The stocks accumulated during the preceding days and an unequal incidence of the protests are allowing the supply chains, for the most part, to hold the pulse of the protesters. However, the roadblocks -especially focused on the south and central part of the country- are already stressing the food industry, certain products are beginning to be scarce and this shortage threatens to spread to other sectors if the stoppages continue over time. The Government made a move yesterday to prevent logistical cuts from going further and announced the mobilization of 23,000 police officers to avoid the impact of the pickets.

Business organizations from both the transport and food sectors increased their demand to the Government by one degree to stop the demonstrations. The surgical pressure that these are exerting on the port areas and in the distribution centers it is already exhausting the resistance of certain production chains. Although the photograph described by the Catalan entities is substantially different from that of other areas of the country, where the effects are more forceful.

The effects on the supply chain of the large municipal markets of Barcelona, ​​such as the Boqueria, Sant Gervasi Galvany or Sant Antonihave been minimal so far. The absences of product are concentrated in fresh fish, although only in specific products and in general the stalls have a gender, according to the sources consulted. “More than the carriers, it affects us that the fishermen have not gone out to fish these days,” they explain from La Boquería. “In shellfish, especially those that come from the north, we are noticing something. Mainly clams and scallops,” they say from Sant Antoni. “The stops are full, the impact is minimal,” they say from Galvany.

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From Mercabarna They recognized that there is a lack of fresh produce, especially that which is difficult to store and that comes from the south of the country, such as Andalusia, but not from that which is closer, such as that from Valencia. The stoppages are especially affecting the sale of strawberries from Huelva, which is in full harvest stage. From Barcelona Trade They point out that the main delays are detected in large distributors – the priority objective of the pickets – and that rapidly perishable products, such as flowers, are being particularly affected.

The protesters persevere and the bosses demand forcefulness

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The Federation of Food and Beverage Industries denounced that the stoppages are hindering “the normal functioning of the food chain and generating supply problems, both of raw materials and other auxiliary supplies necessary for production,” according to a statement. The most affected is the dairy sector, which with the cessation of 95% of its production, announced on Wednesday, threatens a possible shortage.The association of brewers also denounced that the pickets hindered part of the deliveries to supermarkets and the arrival of goods to be produced in the factories.In this guild the affectation was unequal, because sources of Damn They explained to this newspaper that they had no problems supplying their gender.

The Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-Services and Supermarkets (Asedas), which counts among its associates Mercadona, Day and Lidl, among others, has called for “the violent actions to cease” against the workers who have decided not to join the transport strike. The Government listened to their demands and sources from the Interior explained to Efe that there are 16,476 civil guards and 7,122 national police officers deployed throughout Spain, to which are added members of the Ertzaintza, Mossos d’Esquadra and the Foral Police of Navarra to prevent the pickets from vetoing the transit of goods.

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