Marjorie Dannenfelser: the (ultra) woman behind the battle against abortion in the US

If next June the US Supreme Court finally repeals the constitutional right to abortion –as the draft that was leaked days ago points out–, a woman will be able to score a large part of the score. Is named Marjorie Dannenfelseris the most relevant figure of the pro-life lobi North American and has been burning the country for three decades with that infectious and dark rhetoric who talks about zygotes as if they were human beings and uses terms like ‘extermination’ or ‘genocide’ of children to refer to the reproductive rights of women.

But beyond her truculent speech, if the group’s president Susan B. Anthony List this victory is awarded is because in 2016 he made a pact with Donald Trump which is now beginning to bear fruit. When it seemed that his presidential race was stalling after his third sexual assault accusation, the then-candidate’s team asked Dannenfelser to add his voice and his extensive electoral infrastructure to the Republican machine. She said okay, but “in exchange for nominating pro-life judges for the Supreme Court“Trump fulfilled his part of the pact with three appointments – let us remember that one of them, Brett Kavanaugh, has five accusations of sexual abuse – who are now about to return the favor to the one who was one of the great ‘facilitators’ of Trumpism .

porn and epiphany

57 years old and mother of seven children, Dannenfelser usually tells that she lived her political epiphany when, working as an intern in Washington, she lived with other young people in an apartment they called “the house on the right”. One of her classmates discovered a porn tape and destroyed it. When she demanded the amount and the argument flared up, she felt “something stir” inside her and she looked for another place to live. It may be thought that this public display of sanctimoniousness is a curious moral awakening, but she thus explains her beginnings in social conservatism.

He has been setting the country on fire for three decades with that infectious rhetoric that uses terms like ‘genocide’ of children to refer to reproductive rights

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Soon converted to Catholicism and married. After joining the Susan B. Anthony List in the early 1990s, she left the movement for a few years and returned to it a decade later. Since then, she has worked hard (with a budget that has gone from 5 to 78 million dollars in 15 years) in turning the right to abortion – flattened by Richard Nixon at the time – into fuel for the right wing culture war and in one of the most polarized issues in the country, with millions of Americans maintaining that their fellow citizens tolerate and participate in the mass extermination of children, a discourse that in Spain is copied and amplified by a handful of PP politicians, the Vox staff and associations such as Make yourself heard or Family and Human Dignity.

Since Trump’s presidency, the most anti-abortion in history, this vein has been squeezed ad nauseam. In 2021 there were more restrictions than in any previous year. And now constitutional law is in check. “Dannenfelser knew the moment was coming,” he wrote. Kerry Howley this week on ‘The Cut’– but even she didn’t think she would do it so quickly.”

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