Maritimers show generosity at 2021 Christmas Daddies Telethon


The 2021 Christmas Daddies Telethon was another chapter in a tradition that features 58 years of generosity and four decades of Steve Murphy as the main host.

Founded in 1964, the telethon is a fundraiser to support local families and their children during the holidays. In 58 years, Christmas Daddies has raised more than $ 34 million.

“Best of all, we are actually doing what Christmas is all about. Giving back,” said host Maria Panopalis. “It’s a spirit of generosity and it makes you feel warm and confused doing something special.”

Considered by many to be the official start of the Christmas season, the telethon is also a display of regional musical talent and the volunteer spirit of the three maritime provinces.

During the pandemic, many charities have taken devastating blows to their fundraising results. It should be noted that for the second year in a row Christmas Daddies was able to achieve an astonishing level of success, at 6pm on Saturday the total amount raised was $ 685,781.85 and counting.

“Maritimers love to step up and help each other, and COVID-19 is not stopping us,” said Roxanne Robinson, CEO of Christmas Daddies Telethon.

Gina Haggett from the Salvation Army said that the Salvation Army, CTV and Christmas Daddies Telethon have formed a perfect partnership.

“The Christmas Daddies Telethon brings hope,” Haggett said. “We love this time of year. Seeing the smiles when a child opens a Christmas present and holds it in their hands is truly amazing.”

It was an amazing and moving show of generosity, bringing Christmas cheer to many families in this region.

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