Mariona becomes the first winner of ‘Eufòria’

‘Eufòria’ already has its first winner. Mariona, the 21-year-old from Valls who has drawn an impeccable trajectory throughout TV-3’s ‘talent’ –she has never been nominated nor has she been in the danger zone– has emerged victorious in the final gala by obtaining 61% of the votes of the public, the one on the set and the one who saw the gala from their homes. She didn’t have them all with her: “When you only face the jury you don’t know what the public thinks, and this one has to vote for you, it’s already more complicated. So you don’t have expectations”, she has still told EL PERIÓDICO on the plate.

Behind her is left Triquell the chameleon 21-year-old boy from Sant Quirze del Vallès, who has achieved 39%. The young man, who is not a television consumer, has declared to this newspaper, very faithful to his style: “This is an exception that shows that in a shitty field you can find a flower.” However, his sensitive side has made her confess: “A precious stage is closing.”

In the first round, in which one of the opponents was already eliminated, he had stopped competing to keep the position of third classified Núria, the contestant from Olot, 26 years old, The gala has also served to premiere the summer song of TV-3which they have interpreted as a finishing touch the winner and Miki Núñez, presenter of the ‘talent’ together with Marta Torné.

The songs offered by the contestants to compete in the first round, in which the three finalists still faced each other, have shown a lot about them, because they were of their choice. A) Yes, Triquel, Dressed in a yellow suit defying the superstition that this color is bad luck on stage, he has sung a classic of black Eyed Peas, ‘pump it’, in an issue with an urban cycling exhibition included. Mariona has opted for a song by Dyango, ‘La mare’, one of her grandmother’s favorites, while Nuria has displayed its undeniable power with ‘Who are you’ by Ed Sheeran. A brilliant performance, although he has not been able to compete with the number of followers that his teammates have, and he has had to drop out of the competition by achieving only 25% in that first round.

However, he has been able to offer the performance he had prepared in case he went to the second, ‘History repeated’, by Núria Feliu, showing a stage presence that reaffirmed the nickname that has been given to it of El Volcà de La Garrotxa. A volcano that has not even been able to turn off the jet of water that has covered it, much like Chanel in ‘Flashdance’, which has allowed her to imagine her starring in a musical, which is her thing.

A level duel

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In the second round, Triquell defended with confidence and style the ‘Ull per ull’, by Adrià Puntí, Y Marion has shown that more carefree and sexy facet acquired in the contest, when interpreting ‘Physical’, by Dua Lipa, dressed in a dress with lights that made her shine even more than she already did on her own merit. In the end, she was the one who took the prize. Well, actually the prizes, because in addition to the record deal, which will help him so much to start a career, as has been announced throughout the galas, he will also sing in ‘La Marató’ and with Miki Núñez the song of the summer on TV-3.

The gala has had exciting moments, such as the connections to places of origin of the boys, where relatives and neighbors have shown them their adoration, and a shocking number starring ‘coaches’ and members of the jury that has not left anyone indifferent, since they were shown in a register very different from the usual. After the gala, it was not yet known if the program had been an audience record, but it has already scored a new achievement: in this final they have received a whopping more than 300,000 votes. With what thus closes a chain of successes, those that have turned a ‘talent’ that was intended to be “a family entertainment format, on set and with music”, as Cristian Trepat, head of Entertainment and Actualitat, explains, in a true freak.

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