The leader of the National Association, Marine LePenhas described as “historic” the result obtained in the presidential election this Sunday, to the extent that he considers that he lays the foundations for “a great change” and anticipates a “great electoral battle” in June, on the occasion of the parliamentary elections.

Le Pen, who has admitted his defeat just a few minutes after the broadcast of the first vote projections, has appeared before his followers with an optimistic speech. In his opinion, the results that the estimates anticipate are already “a great victory.”

“Millions of compatriots have opted for change”, highlighted Le Pen, who despite the defeat signs the best result of the extreme right and surpasses the data that she herself obtained in 2017, when she also faced Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen has emerged as a representative of the France “forgotten” and has had words of special thanks for the provincial and overseas voters, who seem to have granted him victory in this second round.

“I will never abandon the French,” proclaimed the far-right leader, who sees “hope” in some results with which she wanted to draw the attention of French and European leaders.

He has promised to be a “strong counterpower” against Macron, the “real opposition” in a scenario marked by the loss of support from the traditional parties. In this sense, he hopes that there will be “a big change” soon.

The long-awaited turn for Le Pen would come with the legislative elections, warning that “the party is not over.” “We know that no patriot can accept that Macron is present in a destructive way,” he said, with a message in which he has called for alliances.

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After his speech, the French press has echoed that Le Pen has contacted Macron to tell him that he recognizes his defeat in the vote.

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