The rush to build three detachments and two naval stations (in 149 days) to help provide peace and security in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region forced the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) to sign a direct award contract with the company COSOL Construction Solutions for an amount of 143.9 million pesos plus VAT.

Work is expected to begin this week and end no later than November 15.

According to the agency, the comprehensive project assigned to the company created in 2008 includes: the construction of the Medias Aguas (Veracruz), Matías Romero (Oaxaca) and Tehuantepec (Oaxaca) detachments. In addition to the naval stations of Ixtepec (Oaxaca), Texistepec (Veracruz).

“The new infrastructures are located in the south of the country and will provide accommodation for elements of the Navy and Navy of Mexico. Each detachment will house 48 elements (36 men and 12 women) and the naval stations 213 elements (162 men and 51 women)”, he explained.

Both facilities will have a dining room, restrooms, showers, medical service, command office, radio communications office, weapons and ammunition locker, and a vehicle shed.

The improvements in security issues that will take place in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region will contribute to its development, as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has required, with a comprehensive, sustainable, and inclusive vision, promoting its economic, productive, and cultural growth. .

Arguments for the award

In the public tender exception justification document, dated May 16, the Secretary of the Navy specifies that “in order to guarantee its timely execution” and based on the Law of Works and Related Services (LOPSRM) A market investigation was carried out that determined the amount to be paid for the works and in it the awarded company was identified.

COSOL Construction Solutions has more than 40 patents, designs, national and international utility models, including a prefabricated system that was decisive for their choice because it will speed up the construction process by designing and manufacturing several pieces at the same time and assembling them, avoiding dead time waiting for the concrete to set in a traditional construction.

The agency also highlighted that its constructions can be relocated and up to 98% can be recovered in case they are no longer useful for the initial purposes.

Regarding the market investigation that determined the 143.9 million pesos, plus VAT, it was argued that the characteristics, complexity and magnitude of the works, since it is a military work that will be used by personnel of the agency and will have military purposes, was complicated. obtain information from the CompraNet source. However, the parametric obtained by the Statistical Registry Department was taken as a reference.

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