Marie-Victorin: a big slap for the PQ

I know that the death of the PQ has been announced more often than the return of Beau Dommage, but we have to face the facts…

If, with a candidate as sympathetic and competent as Pierre Nantel, and all that we have learned in recent days about the monumental mess of the health system in what is called “The CHSLD Herron affair”, the PQ was not able to push the puck in the caquiste goal, it may be time to send the announcements, fill the water tank of the coffee maker and order sandwiches no crust .


What is a by-election for?

To send a message to the government in place.

Give him a pat on the muzzle to bring him back to order.

“We love you very much, but there, be careful! Otherwise, if you continue to take us for granted, what is happening tonight in Constituency X is likely to be repeated in the next general election…”

However, the voters of Marie-Victorin did not even take advantage of the opportunity presented to them to launch this little message of warning to François Legault!

On the contrary, they told him: “Go on, we are behind you! »

Despite the departure, in a cloud of tar and feathers, of ministers Danielle McCann and Marguerite Blais. The hodgepodge of the Quebec tramway. The third link cha-cha-cha.

The transformation of press briefings on the health situation into partisan advertising.

The stubborn refusal to apply Bill 101 to CEGEPs, even if more and more experts are calling for it. The ever-growing bureaucracy (six new deputy ministers in the health system in four years). Lack of government transparency.

Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon who leads the way.

And our Prime Minister’s difficulty in accepting criticism, and his propensity to believe — and to say — that only CAQ voters are “real Quebecers”.

Well hello.


The victory of the CAQ is all the more surprising since Ms. Shirley Dorismond was, until recently, an ardent defender of the concept of “systemic racism” – a concept that Mr. Legault systematically refuses to recognize.

Unless this spectacular reversal is rightly seen as a tour de force on the part of François Legault, proof of his extraordinary power of conviction.

A bit like Justin Trudeau who succeeded, with the wave of a magic wand, in transforming one of the most fervent environmental activists into Captain Oil, ready to pump a billion barrels from the open sea!

The voters of Marie-Victorin may be thinking that if Mr. Legault has succeeded in this little miracle (“Systemic racism, get out of this body!”), who knows what he will be able to do…


If the PQ received a nasty slap, it’s not really better for the Liberal Party of Dominique Anglade, who got fewer votes than Anne “The vaccine is shit from home shit” Casabonne.

It is Éric Duhaime who will sing while taking a shower with his parents…

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