Marc Márquez responds to Michel Fabrizio after the death of Dean Berta: “I don’t even want to say his name”

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The name of Marc Márquez has come to the fore in the last week after the tragic accident of Dean Berta Viñales, 15-year-old pilot and cousin of Maverick who died after suffering a fall in Jerez while competing. The one who exposed the eight-time world champion was the Italian Michel Fabrizio, who once competed in MotoGP and he has retired at the age of 37 after what happened last Saturday.

Misguidedly, Fabrizio said in a statement that the young people tried to emulate pilots like Marc Márquez, alluding to their risky driving, and that is why they suffered accidents like this. The Spanish, before visiting this weekend the circuit of the Americas, responded this Thursday to the Italian during his speech in The spar from SER string.

They asked him about the words of Michel Fabrizio and first he wanted to send another message: “First of all, I would like to give all the support to Maverick Viñales, who is the one I know the most, but to the entire Viñales family. We started together and have known each other since I am eight years old. The truth is that the loss of a pilot always affects, but when it is already close, because you know the family, it affects much more “.

Michel Fabrizio, in the box

Michel Fabrizio, in the box


And Márquez replied: “That said, I think that the statements of that person or pilot speak for themselves. I think they are very unfortunate, especially in the year that motorcycling is experiencing. We have lost three young talents. They are unfortunate statements, I saw them and said … Well. That said, I don’t want to waste any more time talking about this person or pilot than I don’t even want to say the name of. “

GP of the Americas

Leaving aside the controversy, Márquez also spoke about his current career: “This is a good place to try to have a good weekend and that is similar to Aragon, fighting for the front positions. That is the goal. Lo First of all it is to enjoy on the bike and, if I enjoy it, I’m sure the time is up and the result will come. Being on the podium on Sunday would be a good result, “he began by saying about the Texan event, of which He added, introducing his bad experience at the airport: “It’s a circuit where there are a lot of left curves, it turns in that direction and that, for X reasons, suits my riding style well. And I like the atmosphere. No I like passport controls so much, because they have you there for two or three hours waiting. They wouldn’t let me in. ” The latter, of course, he said with a laugh.

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