The sport is a mine with a lot of narrative minerals for screenwriters who go into the galleries to find veins of emotional stories. The formula of the plot is recurrent and always invincible: appearance of a young man with talent and personal difficulties; more difficulties that affect a veteran in low mood moments; possibility of redemption through sport; descent into the hells of disappointment and failure; last hope in the form of a basket at the last second and makes sporting glory and intimate revival a reality.

Marc Gasol’s career could be the plot of one of these films. Without sugary melodramas, yes, but with the final concept of overcoming as a motto that is transmitted to the viewer. I had never seen such a decisive player in a collective sport. Injured the day before the big day where his altruistic adventure back to the city where he was born as a basketball player culminated, he recovers (“I saved the little energy I had in my knee”) and leads the team to victory . An example of tenacity and values, also social. Quickly come the miner of Hollywood scripts.ART

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