Maragall warns Colau that ERC will not negotiate the budgets it will support

  • The republicans renounce to modify the project and summon the government of Barcelona en Comú and the PSC to close it with Barcelona pel Canvi, which facilitated its process

  • “We are not the ones who have turned the Barcelona budget into an annex to Catalan,” he says in a letter sent to the mayor and Collboni

Ernest Maragall has sent this Wednesday to Ada Colau and Jaume Collboni a letter warning them that ERC will not negotiate budgets of the Barcelona City Council for 2022, despite the fact that, as he admits below, his group “will facilitate its approval & rdquor;. It will do so with an abstention, which allows Barcelona en Comú and the PSC to approve the accounts without requiring other support.

In his letter to the mayor and the first deputy mayor, Maragall reaffirms something that he implied on Monday, when he announced the change of position of his group (although he stressed that in reality the position had not changed). Then he said that the group did not expect to achieve any progress by modifying the negative vote cast in the Economy commission on November 16, a modification forced by the agreement between the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and the ‘comuns’. To the greater disgrace of the republicans, the negative vote on the 16th had no effect, because Barcelona pel Canvi voted in favor and allowed the municipal budgets to continue their process.

The vote and the support

In the text, Maragall, who has not had his best week, differentiates the vote and the support for the accounts: “Barcelona will have a budget, but we will not participate in any new negotiation or any conversation prior to the final processing (of the budgets) . You can count on our vote, but don’t expect our support.

The Republican’s letter, like his appearance on Monday, includes a somewhat surprising argument: he insists that although he modifies the announced criteria, the responsibility for this change falls on the ‘commons’ and not on his group: “It does not seem appropriate or acceptable to us that the national debate contaminates the municipal one. Catalunya en Comú Podem decided to put Barcelona at the center of the budget negotiation, using it as a bargaining chip. We are not the ones who have branched out the city. We are not the ones who have turned the Barcelona budget into an annex to the Catalan budget & rdquor ;.

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“A week ago we announced that we were voting against the 2022 budget. The underlying reason was clear enough: we wanted, and we want, some transformation budgets, and the ones you present are not what the city needs. With the same conscience, and convinced of what we did, today our genuine vote in the town hall would once again be contrary, and so we let you know & rdquor ;.

The ERC head of ranks in the consistory recalls in the letter that his group will abstain because, “indeed, the Generalitat’s budgets are more necessary than ever. Please serve this message to confirm our commitment in this regard & rdquor ;. Although this detail is not included in the letter, ERC has specified when disseminating it that The group invites the local government to “specify the pending details of the budget with the political group that facilitated its initial processing.& rdquor ;. That is to say, Barcelona for Change.

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