Manyshots Brother Who Violently Kidnapped and Repeatedly Raped Calgary Teen Denied Parole | The Canadian News

One of the two brothers convicted of violently abducting and repeatedly raping a teenage girl has been denied parole.

Cody Manyshots, 28, appeared before the Canadian Parole Board Tuesday afternoon via a video link from the Bowden Institution.

In denying full and day probation, the board said Manyshots “will present an undue risk to society” if he is released.

Cody and his brother Corey admitted that they attacked a 17-year-old girl in November 2014.

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Manyshots Brothers Admit To Repeatedly Kidnapping And Raping Calgary Teen

The 12th grader was waiting for a bus after watching movies at a friend’s house when the siblings grabbed her and forced her to go into a nearby alley. They took turns raping and sodomizing her.

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She was then taken to her home in Martindale, where she was again repeatedly raped by both brothers.

It was only when they fell asleep that the girl had a chance to escape.

He later chose Cody and Corey from separate photo lineups.

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The judge’s decision on the victim’s impact statement in the Manyshots case provokes public outrage

In January 2018 the brothers were sentenced to 12 years in prison.

They were given 12 years for kidnapping, six months for threatening, eight years for sexual assault causing bodily harm, and two years for robbery, all to be served at the same time as the 12-year kidnapping sentence.

Cody received 50-month credit for time already served; Corey received 57 months of credit.

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Manyshots Brothers Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Violent Kidnapping and Repeated Rape of Calgary Teen

Cody Manyshots asked the Canadian Parole Board Tuesday “if they can do math,” and suggested that he has already served his sentence.

During the hearing, the board noted that it has had several incidents related to “concoctions” and drugs in prison.

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“Those were a slip,” Manyshots said. “I have no risk of reoffending.”

He also downplayed his role in the sexual assault, despite pleading guilty and admitting to an agreed lengthy statement of fact.

The board told Manyshots that there are many reasons he is being denied parole at this time. At the top of that list, they said it is still classified as a high risk of recidivism.

The board also noted that Manyshots has not completed sex offender treatment programming while in prison and lacks information and coping strategies.

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