About 40 percent of Canadians know a family member or friend who is not vaccinated against COVID-19, and most do not raise the problem with them, a survey conducted this month suggests.

The survey conducted by Leger and commissioned by the Association for Canadian Studies suggests that four in ten Canadians have a friend or family member who is not vaccinated. Seventy percent of these do not discuss the matter with them, and half of them say they have stopped trying to persuade them to get protective vaccines.

The Leger-ACS survey shows that for 35 percent of those surveyed, “it’s not a problem” and they don’t talk about it, adding that they get along well with unvaccinated friends and family. A similar percentage have stopped trying to convince people they know to get vaccinated.

About one in eight of those surveyed said they argue with the unvaccinated about the possibility of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. About one in ten no longer talk to or avoid unvaccinated people, while another six percent say they respect and support the personal choice of unvaccinated people.

The findings follow a poll conducted by Leger last month that suggested that roughly 57 percent of the vaccinated population would not invite an unvaccinated person into their homes.

Jack Jedwab, president and CEO of the Association for Canadian Studies, said some research shows that taking a “tough” stance on people who are not vaccinated often doesn’t work, and a gentler persuasive approach is more effective.

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“It is better to take a gentler approach. There is no great value in taking a hard-line approach, “he said.

The survey of 1,500 people, conducted Dec. 3-5, found that respondents from Saskatchewan and Manitoba were most likely to have unvaccinated family and friends, followed by British Columbia. Respondents in rural areas were more likely to know someone who is not vaccinated than in cities or suburban areas.

Respondents from Atlantic Canada were more likely to “challenge” unvaccinated family and friends, while Quebecers responding to the survey were more likely to try to convince others to get vaccinated.

Respondents in the prairies were more inclined to drop the subject and “say it’s okay,” according to the survey results.

The survey suggests that 40 percent of Canadians know unvaccinated people, they do not discuss the issue. # Covid19 # Canada

This Canadian Press report was first published on December 13, 2021.


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