Manuel Bartlett will announce CFE’s plans for the country’s gasification

The Federal electricity commission (CFE) reported that it will continue with the leadership of the country’s gasification, since its general director, Manuel Bartlett, will give a conference in the coming days to explain the actions that will be carried out over the next two years to supply natural gas to the Yucatan and Baja California peninsulas, through the development of energy projects in which it is collaborating with the private initiative, in the role of main marketer of this hydrocarbon that the CFE took on since the reform of 2015.

For now, I advance that to supply the Yucatan Peninsula, the CFE in accordance with the Secretary of Energy and the National Center for Natural Gas Control (Cenagas), carries out an infrastructure project whose investment is 4,500 million dollars.

With this, it is proposed to have an average daily supply of 120 to more than 400 million cubic feet per day.

The foregoing will allow the CFE transport natural gas from the southern basins of the United States to the Yucatan Peninsula, supplying the existing and new plants in Mérida and Valladolid, as well as the new Transistmico gas pipeline, and providing redundancy and operational flexibility to the new Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco.

With the completion of this project, the economic and social development of the Southeastern states is being contributed, with benefits in electricity rates and access to natural gas for its population, “stated the state power company.

In the case of the Baja California Peninsula, on March 26 of this year CFE formalized a natural gas supply contract with the private company New Fortress for up to 20 million cubic feet per day to supply two power plants located in La Paz, Baja California Sur: CT Punta Prieta and CCI Baja California Sur. Both plants have a dual generation capacity (that is, they can use both Diesel and Natural Gas), which makes it possible to replace diesel consumption with natural gas, reducing the impact of polluting emissions in the area.

In addition to this, the CFE allocated six aero-derivative generation units to reinforce the Baja California Sur electrical system, which are already installed and ready to be dispatched by the National Center for Energy Control (Price).

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