Mañueco and Gallardo, “satisfied” after the legislature agreement

The president of the PP in Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and the head of the Vox list to the Board, Juan Garcia-Gallardohave been shown “satisfied” after announcing the Legislature agreement in the Autonomous Community, a fact that has been known a few minutes before the start of the constitutive session of the Courts of the XI Legislature.

Although they have not made public statements, García-Gallardo has responded affirmatively to the question from the media about whether he was satisfied with the agreement reached with the PP, as has Fernández Mañueco, who has been “satisfied” with the people from Castilla y León, he added.

Fernández Mañueco has limited himself to assuring when he went to the hemicycle that Castilla y León will have a “solid and stable” government.

The two leaders have made these personal assessments after the meeting they have held throughout the morning of this Thursday in the office of the President of the Board, now in office, in the Cortes of Castilla y León, an agreement ‘in extremis’ since at 12.00 the constitution session startedafter whose beginning the name of the next president of the Cortes, the elected attorney of Vox by León Carlos Pollán, has been publicly known.

Fernández Mañueco and García-Gallardo arrived at the Cortes of Castilla y León without a government agreement for the Autonomous Community or for the Presidency of Parliament and after having published two tweets last night, Wednesday, March 9, in which they showed the lack of agreement.

Specifically, Fernandez Mañueco reproached Vox that “nothing has moved” in the negotiation, but maintained the offer of an agreement, finally reached today, while García-Gallardo reproached the ‘popular’ for their “dedication” in denying Vox voters the same treatment they gave their previous partner, Ciudadanos, that, with twelve attorneys, one less than Vox, he presided over the Cortes and co-governed the Board with vice-presidency and three ministries, as those of Santiago Abascal have finally achieved.

Fernández Mañueco and García-Gallardo have left the office separately of the President of the Board in the Cortes, after which the Vox candidate entered a room where members of his team and the attorneys elected by Vox were present and from which applause was heard prior to learning of the agreement that it was announced by the acting president on his Twitter account.

“We have reached a legislature agreement with Vox on the basis of a program at the service of the people of Castilla y León and that allows for a stable and solid Government with full respect for the constitutional order and the Statute of Autonomy of Castilla y León”, Fernández Mañueco has specifically announced a few minutes before the constitutive session of the XI Legislature begins.

García-Gallardo has also used the social network to, once the parliamentary session has begun, “celebrate” the “sensible agreement” reached with the PP in which there are “neither winners nor losers.”

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“Let us all, with a desire for dialogue and in agreement, have a profitable legislature for the citizens. Serving Castilla y León must be our way of serving Spain”, added the Vox candidate, to whom the party’s president, Santiago Abascal, already pointed out as vice president of the Board in his statements on the electoral night of February 13 in which Vox emerged as the third electoral force in Castilla y León with 13 attorneys, compared to one in the previous elections.

“You are putting on the face of a vice president,” Abascal claimed then that, with the agreement known today in Castilla y León, he has managed to enter an autonomous government and preside over a Parliament.

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