Manitoba officials are reporting what they say is the province’s first case of chronic wasting, a nervous system disorder that affects large game animals.

The province says in a news release that on Oct. 14, as part of its wildlife health surveillance program, a male mule deer was observed to be unhealthy and was euthanized in western Manitoba, near the prairie lake.

The tests found the animal had a chronic wasting disease, the statement said, adding that it is the first time it has been found in Manitoba.

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The province is immediately implementing a ban on hunting deer, elk, caribou and elk in the area to ensure the disease is not spread through the transport of a sick carcass.

Chronic wasting, or CWD, infects animals like deer, elk, and caribou, and an affected animal can appear normal for years until it begins to lose weight and coordination before dying.

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It was first found in Canada in 1996 and has since appeared on deer and elk in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Quebec.

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